Dec 12, 2010

Things not to buy for me :)

If someone were to buy stuffs for me, I would preferable NOT want:

1) Cheap clothings (exemption if the clothing material are comfortable to be worn)
2) Normal brand wallets (myself would wanna get a Gucci or LV one day!)



Me and jagiya has been to many high places in singapore already ^^ not all but quite a lot prominent ones :) happy and glad to share this experience with her... xi

We've been to...

1) Iluma@Bugis Rooftop Park
2) Marina Bay Sands Skypark
3) Pinnacles@Duxton
4) 1-Altitude @ One Raffles Place

(List will go on)

will wait for ION Residences to open and checkout topspots at Swissotel the Stamfood, Helipad, Loof@Esplanade etc.

Dec 9, 2010


that day my baby pour water for me while we were at our friend's house... nice, i like it :) that's how u should treat your bf ma....then we can loved and appreciate u more... baby :)

today u bad mood hor... wonder why =/ some of your words quite heart-piercing, but i just ignore it lor >.< less bad mood ya! :P but we're human, so no one's perfect... next time i just hope i can catch your bad moodiness moment then i wont do or say stuffs that will cause u to say something heart-piercing in return :) stupid guy lor....self make self sad :s


Nov 30, 2010


hmmm today got some doubts. i feel like im more than you me... i hope i will be appreciated by you. i have no sense of security. really really like me ma? i dunno, maybe still dunno her well yet.. just cant feel it... yup that IT

imma take my time...will try my best, again.. hope everything will turn out alright

Nov 21, 2010

RId of.

Got rid of almost everything from the past already. Now wanna start to build our memories together. A fresh start with you and us.

# 7

Has began a new chapter in my life now. (Well, since 5 days ago actually). Hope this will be my last. =)

It all happen at this marine parade road park. That night the sky rarely shows lotsa stars and the half moon is specially brighter than usual. Good omens perhaps? =)

Guess won't be needing to sing the song ji mo ji mo jiu hao anymore le~

Nov 14, 2010


...that a typical malaysian has been in singapore for too long

He looks at the malaysian 50cent coin and feels that it is so big =.=

Nov 13, 2010

This Quote has its meaning

"When 'master key' can open by many locks it is consider very good by all whereas if a 'lock' that can be open by many keys it is consider lousy"

xixi (our laugh words)

I like it when she...

she yelled at me. but i liked. its care. sorry to say you bo hiu before. feel like fallin more into you. i hoped, we can have more things to talked about in the future. hate sometimes we're in awkward silence bliss situation. but i believed otherwise. have faith in us =)

these 2 days probable cant see her face. Will miss her much.

Nov 11, 2010

Discomforts of the heart

I really really hate it when the girl that i like who apparently has a thing for me too cheers to other so-called shuai ge each time he take a cue shot at the pool in front me >.< its like so fucking disgusting and the situation is so hateful... so fucking hate! i really really wish she wont do that anymore... but if that really makes her happy then what can i do but to accept her for who she is...

but i really really wish i won't be facing this type of situation again... sigh... dont do this to me anymore ok?

Maybe you are never in a relationship you dont know how to take care of a guy's feeling...perhaps you would want me to tell you off? but i dont know...somehow i do still wish that you will know it yourself...

I hate all the attention u give to other guys in front of me!

Nov 7, 2010


These few days keep spending time wif jen.. went here went there xixi
yesterday just went to Pinnacles@Duxton! nice view, entrance only 5dollars and i believe is more worth it and has a better view than MBS Skypark =) anyways, a Sands Skypark entrance fee is 20dollars.... Pinnacles@Duxton are 50 storey high while the SandsSkypark are 55 storeys high...

after that went to Marina Square for our dinner (the kopitiam there has a nice view of Marina Bay =) wasnt so familiar wif marina square went i first came here...after various trips and map observing...i think i kinda get the hang of it xixi~

waiting for the rain to stop, we finally went to the iLight@MarinaBay festival to finished up our journey there...went there 2 weeks ago but just walked half of gonna go through the other half ^^

Oct 17, 2010

Unplanned, Unexpected

yesterday just planned to get a haircut wif my favourite and personal hairstylist but ended up wif a number of activities and friend meetings lolz~

woke up in the morning, (not feeling like p diddy) xP
went to taman u jb, my hairstylist opened a new saloon lolz called Tax-Q...seems not bad but the service is good, maybe cos she's my friend~ cut hair`

then meet yong a while to get my uni stuffs from him... after that go back cs, take queen st bus, reached there about 630pm++

got a msg from old buddy hanhong that he's at vivo, so i went there to meet him and his girl, had dinner at marche ^^

after that met anne and teddy in front of daiso, introduced everyone! (like so awkward ~.~)

hh n gf went back lor... then i went to mbs to meet anne and teddy again.. teddy play blackjack...use til 800+ to win 200 lor~ lolz... myself lose sgd10 in slots...but got guessed correctly 2til 3 rounds xixi

not satisfied to go back yet (anne), walk around mbs...then in the end decided to go to clarkequay... clubbing at lunar a while~ sgd25 per entry, music not really good but the poledancer girls....ooooshh~~ yeah baby a sight for sore eyes! w00t

home at 3am~ saturday and weekend well spent ^^

Sep 30, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Skypark `

Today I treat my sis, mum and aunt to Marina Bay Sands Skypark! lolz... sis was kinda surprised and thanked me...hehe feel so proud to treat my family wif my own hard-earned money~~~ lolz... anyways, a few good things happen, was expecting to pay SGD80 (SGD20 each) but ended up paying SGD59.20 only~ w00t~~

totally forgotten that my mum and aunt are senior citizens so they get the senior citizens price at SGD17...all of us get additional 20% discount so me and sis gets SGD16tix and mum n aunt gets SGD13.60tix.....lucky! cos i have the premieradvantage card from casino~ w00t~ lolz =)

Sep 28, 2010


long time no blog already! have been very very very busy in real and social life lor...starting working since 12th july too! xixi met many new and crazy people so far.. pay not so much but my working environment is class A wif crazy colleagues~ (ahhh finally i can use the words colleagues now) had a new friend-wif-benefits too~ so everything is good and cool~ w00t~

anyways, i just had my convocation yesterday, thanks to my bro driving so far wif his 3series making our ride so damn comfortable all the way =)

actually just wanna say that during convocation, everyone stands up and sings negaraku, the patriotism in me kicks in and i felt so patriotic that time...sing so loud and firm til my voice almost gone neway styled wif anne n co last time lolz.... since mentioned about patriotism, hence the topic (majulah~) from singapore's national anthem.....the first sentences is a slang among locals glowing wonder every morning xixi ^^

personal hairdresser (tick!)
personal trainer (tick)

so far so's great and good for me! unlike someone who's still at kuching and im so freaking sick and tired of his fml-ing post =)

will blog somemore soon!

Jul 20, 2010

Happiest Place in SG

1. East Coast Park - 30%

2. Sentosa - 13%

Jul 12, 2010

Agenda Today

1. catch Predators @ Kallang Leisure Mall

2. took bus from KLM to Joo Chiat then walk to East Coast Park

3. cycle from East Coast Park to Changi Beach Park (around 15km in 1hours i think?)

4. met Ong for dinner @ Tampines

Jul 5, 2010

Jul 1, 2010



Jacinta looking~

Jun 29, 2010

Vital English.

5 Most important words in English "I am proud of you"
4 Most Important words "What is your opinion?"
3 Most important words "If you please"
2 Most important words "Thank You"
1 Most important word "You". (can be applied for all languages).

quoted from a book by Steve Chandler.

Jun 27, 2010

Too Late...

was suppose to help Anne & Teo to buy the New Paper Big Walk's ticket @ Singapore Flyer today but unfortunately.... fast soldout! Jiaklat..and also goes my cheaper flyer ticker :'(

anyways, manage to get some shots of...

Flyer cabin from near

Interesting Places @ SG

Vivocity Skypark, nice to lepak, dating, hangout around late evenings

Marina Square Kopitian, can sit outside, nice view of the Marina Bay

Flyer riverside, nice to lepak, dating around evenings (just found out its called Marina Promenade Park)

Jun 25, 2010

HS Update

You have $5,317,795 and 5 energy.
Your hunting skill is 61.5485 / 100

You have $49,924,629 and 5 energy.
Your hunting skill is 98.5985 / 100

Porn Pioneer

Deep Throat is a 1972 American pornographic film written and directed by Gerard Damiano (listed in the credits as "Jerry Gerard") and starring Linda Lovelace (the pseudonym of Linda Susan Boreman).

One of the first pornographic films to feature a plot, character development and relatively high production standards, Deep Throat earned mainstream attention and launched the "porn chic" trend despite the film's being banned in some regions and the subject of obscenity trials.


A sexually frustrated woman (Linda Lovelace, credited as playing "herself") asks her friend Helen (played by Dolly Sharp) for advice on how to achieve an orgasm. After a sex party provides no help, Helen recommends that Linda visit a doctor (Harry Reems). The doctor discovers that Linda's clitoris is located in her throat. She then goes on to work as a therapist[why?] for the doctor and performs a particular technique of oral sex - thereafter known as "deep throat" - on various men, until she finds the one to marry. Meanwhile, the doctor has sex with his blonde nurse (Carol Connors). The movie ends with the line "The End. And Deep Throat to you all."

The 61-minute movie is intended to be humorous with highly tongue-in-cheek dialogue and songs; fireworks going off and bells ringing during orgasm.

- Wikipedia

Jun 23, 2010

New Shoesss!!

For the first time in my life, I officially bought my first football boots! lolz so old just got first football boots.. en en ^^

Bought it @ TampinesOne's Sportslink, due to the current GSS, so there's a 30% discount? NIKE!

Jun 12, 2010

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There

written by James Horner, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight

Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

First Half Boiled Eggs

just made my first half boiled eggs ^^ and a perfect one..

1st, take eggs out fridge and boiled tap water
2nd, off the fire and use spoon to put eggs into
3rd, cover the boiling thingy and let it be for 7 minutes
4th, run under tap water and crack eggs. Bam-boozle!


p/s: dunno why i put the Bafana-Bafana there....:S

Jun 7, 2010


yeah babies...come to papa

Jun 6, 2010


BY2-帶我離開 Dai Wo Li Kai pinyin lyrics :

ni chang pai zhe shou
shuo ni de gan dong
chun bai se tian kong
ting liu zhe ni chun bai de meng

yi shun jian
ni rang wo de shang kou bu shang le cai hong
yi shun jian
你把我的惶恐 耐心呵护
ni ba wo de huang kong nai xin he hu
diao ke chu wen rou

tu ran xiang ni dai wo li kai
yuan li chen ai
zhao ge wu yan de di dai
man tian de xing guang
jiang yuan wang quan dou bian chu lai

Chorus 2
tu ran xiang ni dai wo li kai
yong yuan li kai
ca diao mei yi fen bu an
bi shang yan gan jue
这个世界 爱依然存在
zhe ge shi jie ai yi ran cun zai

Repeat from beginning

Baby Girl
bu yong hai pa qing ni qian wo shou
我们一起奔向 外太空
wo men yi qi ben xiang wai tai kong
从黑洞欣赏著地球 多自由
cong hei dong xin shang a di qiu duo zi you
我 愿像阿凡达捍卫
wo yuan xiang a fan da han wei
ni xu xia de mei ge meng
jian li wo liang de xing qiu
yong xin dan bao ni kuai le

Repeat chorus 1
擦掉每一份不安 闭上眼感觉
ca diao mei yi fen bu an bi shang yan gan jue
这个世界 爱依然存在
zhe ge shi jie ai yi ran cun zai

May 25, 2010


Don’t give up… do what you can do… and sometimes, as life is… you’ll fall… but even so… whats left… is the memory of trying to achieve whats important… and If dreams aren’t worth fighting for… what’s there left in life to look forward to…

by Kristine :)

May 20, 2010


lvl55 u go CSS,,u can hit with 150 acc..

lvl 61 im train in CE with 180ACC

CSS is for hunting weapon powders

Titan's Weapon

To make a Titan's wpn, u need these following ingredients:

Eye of Aram's Recipe - Buy from Cash Shop
50 Crysolites - Hunt in Kundara / Buy in Shops
5 Lifetree Branches - Only way to get is from the Box after Mutisha's killed / Not Available in Shops
50 Jewel of Truth - Only way to get is from the Box after Mutisha's killed / Buy in Shops

Titan weapon is stronger than lava weapon by 20% ..
Not really worth to get it .
Anyway just good luck on hunting =.=
You can get Titan's weapon by finding PCK's Rugor after you killed MUTISHA for TWICE and obtain a TITAN BLUEPRINT.

higher than the lava frag drop rate. Maybe u run 10 round u will either get 2 or 3. U just need 5. The jewel, u just need to spam the aram run, kill all the mobs inside the map. For my investigation, each time u in there will be no more than 2 jewels drop. So maybe u need to spam in like 25 times, and then u will get 50 jewels. U no need to kill boss, just go in kill mobs and come out. If u wan hunt branch, only u go inside boss and kill mutisha.



empty channels encourage refining success
refine 1 try/each time when u feel free
someppl said crafting in the first town will increase success rate

May 7, 2010

Ultimate Weapon!

hunted 3 frags without using cash last night and finally can make my lava weapon already!!! w00t~~ =)

so happy got 2 frags in one night last night le~~~ lucky bastard!

May 5, 2010


Explanation on the terms on the title are as follows...

"The alpha testing phase is in a way similar to your mother or whoever your caretaker is selecting the ingredients from the supermarket, s/he would have to check the expiry date, freshness and how is s/he going to cook it.

The closed beta test is the cooking phase, the food isn't completely ready and your mother/caretaker would usually do a taste test before distributing it to the family on the dinner table. If it doesn't turn out well then she would have to make something different, apply some herbs and spices or cook up something completely different; unless of course s/he is irresponsible and doesn't care if the food tastes bad.

The open beta test is the distribution of the food to the whole family. Since the taste test and the cooking went alright, your mother/caretaker decides to distribute the food on the table for you all. But of course you or your siblings may not like it, because there's bugs... no, because you don't like the taste or how the food looks etc. Therefore you give suggestions on how to improve the food whom your mother/caretalker (in comparison to the developers) may or may not intake.

Now I hope you get the concept behind the testing phase."

by King,

DGN buddies

Amarantha (22, Phillipines)
xArrowShot (USA)
marlia (Alvin, 22, Indon curr. @ Melb)

met these nice awesome ppl through various owl camp sessions ^^

May 4, 2010



Money is literally everything. Money do not fall down from sky. Work hard now while you can. Work for your life.
(Ng, V., 2010)

Work like crazy
(Musa, T.A., 2010)


need money in torncity (PI!)

need money in dragonica (lava weapon)

and most importantly....

need money in real life! (everything)

May 3, 2010


Vega - Crisis of Windia Plains
Toto - Thieves Hideout
White Tooth / Alvida - Wrath of Nautilus
Artis - Dangerous Mecca
Sambaba - Barlok's Lair
Queen Vella - Muddy Mire
Mimir King Bubo - Forest of Illusion
Pythanuth - Spirit Stream
Arca - Secret Basement


At El Gregor...
[4] In the Wolf's lair - South Windia Plains Hero Quest Mode MM.
[6] Another Wolf Lair - Windia Flats MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[12] Tutu Rescue Mission - West Traitor's Ridge MM (Hero Quest Mod).
[13] Disguise Plan - East Traitor's Ridge MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[15] Infiltration Mission toto Hideout! - East Traitor's Ridge Hero Quest Mode MM.
[21] Truth by chance (1) - White Tooth (Hookah) in Bearded Whale Coast MM.
[21] Truth by chance (2) - Alvida in Steven Trading Port MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[21] Slay Farrell! - Dr. Farrell at Cityhall Sewers
[28] Ruler of the Night - Skypie Sanctuary Hero Mode MM.
[28] Artis' Treasure - Mirinae Sanctuary Hero Mode MM .
[31] Ubiquitous Underground - Candescent Carvern Hero Quest Mode MM.
[32] Farrell's Diary - Sambaba in Valid Raeth (Hero Quest Mode) MM.
[40] Fight to the death against Drakes! - Defeat Lavalon at Magmus

At Faeras..

[41] Short cuiting of the town - Queen Vella in Smoldering Swamp MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[42] The Duck That Wanted To Be A Swan - Elluman at Ocher Forest Hero Mode Quest MM.
[44] Lightning Counter - Karous in Gods' Sanctuary Hero Quest Mode MM.
[49] Legend of Mimir - Mimir King Bubo in Forgotten Forest Hero Quest Mode MM.
[49] Last Struggle to Secure the Camp - Pinecone Knoll Hero Quest Mode MM.
[50] The True Nature of Myst Elves - Defeat Mutisha at Aram
[51] What Are They Transporting? - Frigid Canyon Hero Quest Mode MM.
[51] Ungrateful Beasts (5) - Sleepy Slums Hero Quest Mode MM.
[53] What's the Truth Behind This Girl? - Siren Woods Hero Quest Mode MM.
[58] Things Sought After - Gaiden in Grand Hall Hero Quest Mode MM.
[59] Second Trial - Machina Center Hero Quest Mode MM.
[59] Last Trial - Lucid Terrace Hero Quest Mode MM.
[60] Secret Book - Van Cliff Citadel.


* Big Bad Wolf - North Windia Plains
* Vega - Windia Flats
* Tutu - West Traitor Ridge
* Toto - East Traitor Ridge
* White Tooth - Bearded Whale Coast
* Alvida - Steven Trading Port
* Artis - Mirinae Sanctuary
* Night Lord - Skypie Sanctuary
* Bahamole - Candescent Cavern
* Sambaba - Valid Reath
* Queen Vella - Smoldering Swamp
* Elluman - Ocher Forest
* Karous - Gods' Sanctuary
* Mimir King Bubo - Forgotten Forest
* Karlberg - Pinecone Knoll
* Burlune - Sleepy Slums
* Pythanuth - Frigid Canyon
* Arca - Siren Woods
* Guidan - Grand Hall
* Kimart - Machina Center
* Antares (Elite) - Lucid Terrace

* Chaos Tutu - Chaos West Traitor Ridge
* Chaos Toto - Chaos East Traitor Ridge
* Chaos White Tooth - Chaos Bearded Whale Coast
* Chaos Alvida - Chaos Nautilus Port
* Chaos Night Lord - Chaos Hero's Descent
* Chaos Bahamole - Chaos Candescent Cavern
* Chaos Sambaba - Chaos Valid Raeth
* Chaos Queen Vella - Chaos Smoldering Swamp
* Chaos Elluman - Chaos Ocher Forest


Elyiantie has reach level 49 from level 44 after 2 days of non stop owl camping ^^

my main is now eligible to be a main :)

gonna earn money n farm for souls during weekdays where there's no exp boost o.O

really lost lotsa money buying potions (as im tanking)

but hell, Wyvern blade rocks! :)

a scene from owl (Forgotten Forest)....

May 2, 2010

Top 6!

Limpeh's prediction of BPL's top 6 positions...

1. Chelsea
2. Man Utd
3. Arsenal
4. Man City
5. Tottenham
6. Aston Villa

will kena? huhuk

May 1, 2010

Wyvern soon...

Ely just reach Level 47! thanks to the weekend exp boost, i've upgraded 4 levels from level 44 to 47 in 2 days camping at owl with awesome buddies :) (Helidas, leekaiwen, EGOMAN, MaGiKlance, SnowEva, Amarathana, Akaino, IamKeele, Ziyansan)

Wyvern Blade (Level 48) im coming soon! w00t~

Apr 30, 2010


Just finished watched Iron Man 2 with Khaixian...w00t~

been waiting for this for a while. worth all the wait? yeap. cool gadgets :)

nice :D

Ironman and ACDC rules


dismantle everything except weapons and accessories.

at around 40-45, is 1-2g each,

Apr 24, 2010

Death Bound

Ely ish 43 last night~ Has Whirlwind + Deathbound skills :) culo~

Apr 21, 2010

over 40!

Ely is 41 and full Destroyer set + 125 ACC.. w00t :)

now i pawn SBB mobs

*just found out there's a 20% exp boost til wed 10am...i didnt know, if know earlier sure will rush last night with Helidas... sigh =.=

so sien no exp boost le

Apr 18, 2010


finish exam, finish studies? submit thesis hardcover od? but feel so so so malash now...maybe tired i guess hukhuk

Apr 5, 2010


rm30/month free internet usage is gone now

so cant really online much anymore. can only go psz online or wat. sigh. what's wrong with digi? think of earning money only? many ppl cant online or enjoying dcampus becos of this lo.. too bad..

that means, less fb-ing and less blogging and also less playing dgn huhu

Mar 31, 2010


You have $4,399,201 and 150 energy.
Your hunting skill is 95.9742 / 100

You have $5,322,251 and 0 energy.
Your hunting skill is 95.9937 / 100

Mar 28, 2010

Tea [589347]

Congratulations! You upgraded your level to 22!

Battle stats
Speed: 1,706.2088
Strength: 20,621.1562
Defence: 113.8426
Dexterity: 7,198.6262
Total: 29,639.8338

Working stats
Manual labor: 18,778
Intelligence: 54,607
Endurance: 19,277

Fraud crimes 1011

Mar 27, 2010

Actives, Slackings and Retireds

Elyiantie Level 34 Gladiator (overall, best character i've tested and used so far)

kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (slacking but aiming Level 54 to get Wildfire Oni sets)
Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (slacking)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (boring character, but let it slack)
Dephania Level 10 Magician (slacking)

Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired)
Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired)
Zyprince Level 36 Knight (retired)

-All but Bondisurfe are in Erotica Guild (my own) Level 1 Guild and 143 more GP (507/650) to Level 2 ^^ w00t
-Warriors are nice character to play with but its quite bored to start but u'll get use to it once u get the hang of it.
-Jesters gets bored to play it after a while. Maybe it just doesnt suit my preferences.
-Ninja/Assassins aren't bad overall: cool skills and i've just obtained Skeleton Bandage by killing Murmuk at VR! Will inherit this to Elyiantie after she reach Level 45 ^^
-BM's/Aco: Quick in clearing mobs but it just doesnt suit my style of play. (Probably im more of a sword than magic person, i like to fight in the front line of battle)
-Hunters/Trappers from my experience are champions of combo. The Aerial Flurry skills easily gets hundreds of combo in a nick of time. Other skills aint bad. Fun to play with :)
-Rangers/Ballistas: Bored. Probably guns and bullets dont suit the fantasy world of Dragonica. Anyways, their party buff skills are the most useful ones (adds ACC!)
-Overall, trying so many characters i'd prefer Gladiators for all Levels and Knights for Level 20-39. Aiming Myrmidon for Ely soon~ looks forward to next experience boost event.

Knight vs Drake

which set armor looks nice or cooler? left one is Knight and right is Drake sets. I liked the Drake Helmet. way cooler than the sissy looking Knight Helmet. Anyways, Zyprince is gonna be inactive and Ely's back to be main for now as Myrmidons has better skills and more worth to play than Paladins.

Mar 25, 2010


Level 36! and got new medal "In The Name Of The Guild" w00t ^^

Tea [589347]

Highly Competent
Reach the rank of "Highly Competent"

Mar 23, 2010


Zyprince just hit Level 35 :)

now doing missions at Candescent Cavern already. all missions @ Artis n Night Lord done..

Mar 21, 2010

DGN Status

Zyprince Level 32 Knight (active - aiming Pala)

Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (slacking)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (slacking)
Elyiantie Level 34 Gladiator (slacking)

Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired)
Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired)
kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (retired)

Dephania Level 8 Magician (plain woods and horns)

Tea [589347]

is starting over to play tc after experience many things (millions of stats, billions of cash, big houses, unlimited xanaxs) now is starting over again with this account (my ori) after accounts that ppl 'inherited' to me has been taken back :'( but hey, anyways, thanks for giving me the chances of experiencing all those things. (big thanks hope[586347] and Crystalz [7xxxxx])

now with Tea [589347] am starting over again. i has...
90+ hunting skills
6mil in bank
50k int work stats
fully upgraded palace w/ vault
20+ stats
30 nb

aims to achieve (any time also can)
99 hunting skills (not a priority)
10000 chamois collection
1bil in bank (500mil at least)
100k work stats
1000 1st page bust
45 nb
100k STR + 100k DEX (for now whore those 2 first)

lets see what can i achieve by this year end :)

go Tea! let me tell u guys a story of this user with the same username someday


is Level 30 already (almost 31)
has an Aqua Sword +8ACC and 1010dmg

cool :)

Zyprince & Elyiantie now is my main

Mar 18, 2010

Ely & Zy

Elyiantie Level 34 today + have Barbarian full set w00t :)

Zyprince upgraded to Level 25 today as well + 200 of ATK


warriors (glad & knights) aren't a bad character to use overall :D

Mar 11, 2010


Today a Middle-Eastern guy told me..

"I know you chinese, you dont play with water, you only drink water."

Wonder what he means.. @.@

Mar 10, 2010

Tea [589347] today

Age: 838 days
Level: 21
Rank: #10 Competent

just upgraded a level. slowly but steadily

Mar 6, 2010

Tajul's Quote~

i need to see it..
i need to feel it..
i need to touch it.. then
i can understand it.. and
i can believe it

(T.A. Musa, 2009)

Tea [589347] today

Name: Tea [589347] Faction: Putumayo Restaurant Langkawi
Money: $156,017 Days in Faction: 407
Level: 20 Job: Education
Property: Palace [View others] (With Dephanie) Cost: $65,000,000
Income: + $3,250 Upkeep: - $3,000
Game rank: #10 Competent Points: 36
Life: 10,950 / 10,950 Age: 834
Times jailed: 26 People busted: 1
Criminal offences: 1,521 Marital Status: Married to Dephanie for 7 day(s)

Battle stats
Speed: 1,706.2088
Strength: 20,494.0036
Defence: 113.8426
Dexterity: 1,885.0914
Total: 24,199.1464
Working stats
Manual labor: 18,088
Intelligence: 50,702
Endurance: 18,567

Dragonica (slack still)

played Elyiantie for 1 hour today. gain about 10% exp. yet still not addicted! w00t~

will continue when finish thesis n finals n everything. but still prefer spending time with someone though. maybe can ask her play DGN with me huk3

Mar 2, 2010

FB Quiz

Anda mempunyai daya tarikan kepada sesiapa saja. Anda adalah seorang yang realistik, yakin, gembira dan merupakan seorang yang genius dalam bidang pendidikan, muzik, seni dan nyanyian. Anda mempunyai masalah sikap iaitu panas baran. Namun demikian, anda banyak melakukan pengorbanan untuk keluarga. Anda meletakkan keluarga di tempat yang amat tinggi sekali sehingga kadang-kadang mengabaikan kebahagian diri sendiri. Anda telah dilahirkan untuk memberi sumbangan kepada dunia ini. Jadi anda seorang yang bagus dan seorang yang amat gembira. Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.2.


Feb 28, 2010

Dragonica (slacking)

em. kinda success in not playing DGN for a week already. em good good :)

Feb 27, 2010

Hunter @ SA

Tea [589347]
Your hunting skill is 95.8897 / 100

Feb 23, 2010


gonna be off for a bit now. need one month of super hardworking spirit to finished up my thesis! caiyok3~

no more Dragonica!

Vividly Remember This

something happen. being chase by an oil tanker. then car crash. me and a female sidekick and a dog that can talk in human language gets out of the car. rolls down a mountain. me throws the dog into the ocean but it hit the ground instead and injured its legs. dog sulking. throw the second time into the beautiful ocean. me takes off my clothes into my swimming suit. jumps into the ocean and turns out to be a very large swimming pool at a fancy resort island. funny thing is this resort/pool has been appearing in the dreams several times already. swam like a mermaid (sounds gay, i know). met some old kuching friends. in fact, quite a number of them. seems like we had a gathering or something over there. saw andy. andy cant swim then points afar to jason says "look, that's fei-chai" then saw ahp1 and ssp1. ssp1 smells so nice and enticing. nibbling lips like a fish. hurts. then got food came out. suddenly feels like prefect camp at sematan. food sucks. sat opposite szeshyang. finished my food then it suddenly rained heavily at the pool side of the resort but not at the beach side. saw a few caucasians laying topless at a secluded part of the beach resort. and saw a beautiful temple monument nearby. was thinking "what a perfect place to date a girl". thought wanna go take a dip at the beach and then i woke up. so what happens to the crashing oil tanker? and the dog that could talk? and the hurting lips? *ponders on another weird dream i just had*


  1. by this week must try finish edit my Chapter 2 and 3 and at least do some draft of chapter 4 and 5.
  2. have to pass up gps project within 2 weeks
  3. do Seminar Paper by mid-March (refer desktop notes)
  4. end of March - Thesis Viva huhu
  5. by this week must try finih my VB coding (tough, tough!)
  6. do thesis binding booking @ Rainbow
  7. pass up graduation form & certified by PA earlier **
  8. pay rm30 for my degree plus plus by this week
  9. get pic of related hotels, restaurants at Langkawi for linking with my GIS product
  10. participate in Satellite Forum
all this not so helping if i have a very suxy internet line. so please, please be good~

Feb 22, 2010

Kakis @ Kuching

yea~ more and more activites and members to do at Kuching nowadays with lotsa old friends around and working there (at my beautiful home city Kuching) example such as

Cyber (CS, Dota, L4D2)
Sports (badminton, futsal, basketball, paintball)
Leisure (yumcha, movies, beach, climb mountain)
Table Games (cards, mahjong)
Travelling (Damai, Sematan)

good, good prospect in Kuching now :)


hope you are sebuk enough to come across this post. whatever or whatever happens in my facebook stays in my facebook or at most just discuss with your friends (and dont let me find out). dont go and spread the word to the real life close people e.g. close family. as the typical singaporean slang goes..

"limpeh bo song"


has started playing with Twitter recently. kinda useful. but i still prefer using blog to said my things as the filing system for past post database is convenient. will still microblogs in Twitter though.

and i got 4 followers already~ not something great of an achievement but its still nice to brag about. People loves to brag


ra ra ra ah ah ah
ra ma ra ma ma ma
ga ga hoo la la ah

(More) About Me

just took one of the many fb's personality test... dont wanna publish it in facebook cos prefer it publish it here (make my blog more various)

here's the result/analysis (gosh those words reminded me of thesis =.=)

Dear Vincent Ng, below are your Personality Tests result:
Who is your true self: You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.
Your view on yourself:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are down-to-earth
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : People like you because you are so straightforward
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties
The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You like serious
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Smart
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Determined people
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You don't judge a book by its cover
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : So good-looking people aren't necessarily your style
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes
Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship
The seriousness of your love:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are very serious about relationships
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : If you meet the right person
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You will fall deeply
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Beautifully in love
Your views on education:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Education is less important than the real world out there
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Away from the classroom
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Deep inside you want to start working
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Earning money
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Living on your own
The right job for you:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You need to choose something
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Go for it to be happy
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Achieve success
How do you view success:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Success in your career is not the most important thing in life
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are content with what you have
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working
What are you most afraid of:
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : You are concerned about your image
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : The way others see you
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : It's time for you to believe in who you are
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : Not what you wear

Author's Comment:
most of it are true. not saying which cos not wanting sebuk ppl know much about me (as meihui says, im mysterious). but this stuffs kinda helps me know myself a little more better. so taking this personality test is quite productive and a success i shall say? now to look up the true meaning of "down-to-earth"...

Monday Blues

lolz. Facebook. Twitter.

everywhere, i see all my friends complained about Monday Blues, heaven-at-home-back-to-hell, dont wanna back to work!, " airport now" etc. etc all this sorta stuffs

everyone loves their home and still in holiday mood.

and so do i.



Feb 21, 2010

Rant Again

wahlao. what a slang to said "frust" sounds kinda stupid

i still prefer to say frustrated though



ish Level 33 now! w00t~

has full Champion set too!

might be going for Barbarian set (level 34)

then hunt for Destroyer set @ Mole and SBB


i really really goddayum hate it when our time is always not compatible. wtf is wrong? huh? dayum dayum dayum!

rants and rants and rants


1st Night

first night @ utm after cny holidays... wooo soooo bored =.=

hope to graduate soon and work. argh.

Only Chance?

tonight's the best chance to come over. after tonight i dont know when again will have this kinda chance. probably during study week. anyways, i really hope i can do this kinda things in my campus life. cant lose to kent

Feb 20, 2010

kooshkins & Hisashii

here's some screenshots of my more elite characters


Hisashii Level 42 Trapper with Full Pavo Set

kooshkins Level 47 Ninja with 3-3 Fenris/Akuma Set

kooshkins in real Ninja mode


Am at Kuching airport now. All alone. Fuh
Am using Starbucks' wi-fi to online via my itouch lol

What a convenience =)


i really really gotta learn how to smile and pose properly for phototaking. my photos and smiles sucks. in other words, EPIC FAILED.

tips anyone?

Dragonica Status

Elyiantie Level 31 Gladiator (active - aiming Myrm)

Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (slacking)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (slacking)
Zyprince Level 24 Knight (slacking)

Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired)
Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired)
kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (semiretired)

Dephania Level 8 Magician (plain woods and horns)

Career Prospects

am considering a career in the aviation industry:

cadet pilot
cabin crew, or
ground staff

either in:

SIA (first choice)

or either in rwsentosa..(will check out more)

hope its suits my lifestyle the most

really2 do not wanna work under the sun as surveyor. hate it a lot. working under the sun is definitely not my thing.

Feb 19, 2010

Wear This

1 white polo tshirt
1 white short pants
1 lakia necklace

wear all this together, with the collar on the polo unfolded up, looks quite boss-ish, suave and cool. can try this soon someday as cny clothes

idea inspire by ianlim

Family Dinner

just back from family dinner @ Benson Seafood, Padungan there... cost rm65 (4 dishes)

Feb 18, 2010

DGN Job Shortcut

- Knight - Paladin (Pala)
- Gladiator (Glad) - Myrmidon (Myrm)

- Battlemage (BM) - Warmage (WM)
- Acolyte (Aco) - Oracle (Ora)

- Hunter - Trapper (Trap)
- Ranger - Ballista

- Assassin (Sin) - Ninja (NJ/Nin)
- Jester - Harlequin (HQ)

Ong's Boss said...

gong gong dai dai chiak ba tan sai

(stupidly hanging around after finish eat and wait for poo)

huh. lame (=.=)


Wa..woke at 3am and tried to sleep til now but still cant sleep..what's wrong with moi?

Feb 17, 2010

Not My Cup Of Tea

i really really hate girls that has no sense of humour and also lame girls.. we already have to crack our heads trying to understand women and you're here rubbing more salt into thy wounds.. argh.. more headache... avoid such people, i always

p/s to zykee: b i dont mean u ya.. im talking about other people.. u have some sense of humour and you're not lame at all (dont worry ^^)

A Little More About Me

Sometimes i like to talk nonsense. Huhu. But i kinda enjoyed it. The point here is to enjoy your life, life it to the fullest and be happy alway right?

No harm what (",)

[Sing] 2 Is Better Than 1

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought hey
you know this could be something...

Maybe its true~ I cant live without you
Maybe two~ is better than one

duno lyrics od =.=

Lao Peng You (Old Friend)

Many people always says that old friends and Kuching friends are always nicer to hang out with your new friends that we've known when overseas. Especially those from Peninsula. Many backstabbers and doesnt treat u with honesty. uhh

Something to ponder about...

Feb 16, 2010

CNY Day 2.

went visiting with friends today. went to CheeYong, PeiChen, ShiHow, HuiIng, Michael, Guan, Jayee, and WeeSeung house today

I brought Andy to meet the Form 6 gang today. long time od they x meet hihi (since form6 maybe). then Andy bring John and Jacq.


Feb 15, 2010

Dragonica. Updated Levels.

Zyprince Level 24 Knight (slacking)
Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired, cos boring)
Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (active no.2)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (active no.3)

Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired, only do GQ from time to time)
kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (main)
Elyiantie Level 31 Gladiator (active no.1 - wanna aim to be Myrm for this)
Dephania Level 8 Magician (for hunting plain woods and horns only)

Bondisurfe, Arshassin, Dephanie and Elyiantie all has Aqua weapon od.. huhu

Feb 14, 2010

CNY Day 1.

back from church. father Ha looks so old od.. got 2 mandarin oranges hehe.. malash wanna upload pic.. actually just treat this like fb status but i prefer post it here cos only me and babyzykee can see it hihi...

bro gave angpao. rm200 less than last years but still good huhu . thanks bro

Feb 13, 2010


Have been playing DGN from IAHGames since October last year huhu.. quite an interesting 2D side scrolling mmorpg.. now can consider im quite an expert with it already and know much about that games haha

below are list of my characters and their levels and jobs ^.^V (all Kaye Server)

Zyprince Level 24 Knight (slacking)
Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired, cos boring)
Arshassin Level 30 Battlemage (active no.2)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (active no.3)

Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired, only do GQ from time to time)
kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (main)
Elyiantie Level 28 Gladiator (active no.1 - wanna aim to be Myrm for this)
Dephania Level 8 Magician (for hunting plain woods and horns only)

Have tried almost all jobs except Acolyte (maybe will try that soon someday from my Dephania character) and here's my conclusion:

Ballista - cool military warfare, only interesting and useful skill is the Gatling Rush, others just sux, have not tried Carpet Bombing yet (level 46) but i think it should be the same as Trapper's Falcon skill.. so no need waster time to train til level 46 to try it. unless there's exp boost from iah + many time for me

Trapper - a much more better job to go to from archer. extremely easy to get many combos especially quests that needs 100 combos (GQ) through its skill Aerial Flurry i think? Wolf Rush is useful. Falcon Frenzy has nice effects and sounds (me likes) but use after a while will get kinda boring... i dunno why

Ninja - very cool character to play with. i like it a lot. i like the Throwing Dagger skill (max and easy to kill boss) i like the Swift Attack (coolest skill in all of DGN) too cool! wowza~ being ninja is nice but not much skill is useful there. preferred stay in anime mode. they say this is better for Pvp but i think its good in clearing mobs if 3 or 4 ninja partied together. I ever partied with 3 ninjas and we can clear mobs in quite a very fast time (combo of Daggers and Swifts) amazing. 2 thumbs up for this character ^.^V

Jester - made for PVE only. easy to get Gada Coins through monster kills. for mm's is definitely not recommended to be tanker (too wasted) only useful skills are FD and UC.. the Electric shock skill is useful if u know how to position yourself and timing like i do hehe.. haven tried skills of HQ yet cos i wanna enjoy killing mobs fast during my level 30 moments... huhu...overall, a very good character.

mmmm tired od.. perhaps i will talk about the remaining 4 characters soon.. yawnz

below are some screenshots of a few active characters of mine huhu

Elyiantie. Gladiator

Dephanie. Jester.

Arshassin. Battlemage.


bought a new phone SE J105 Naite @ Saberkas today with Ehui.

Hp cost - rm445
mmc - rm30
screen protector - rm10
TOTAL - rm485

hihi. got new phone od yay.

dayum ma k660i spoil cos of ma temper. pity it.. hmmm inside got a few importang sms'es that i need to check out. aiiisshhh.