Mar 31, 2010


You have $4,399,201 and 150 energy.
Your hunting skill is 95.9742 / 100

You have $5,322,251 and 0 energy.
Your hunting skill is 95.9937 / 100

Mar 28, 2010

Tea [589347]

Congratulations! You upgraded your level to 22!

Battle stats
Speed: 1,706.2088
Strength: 20,621.1562
Defence: 113.8426
Dexterity: 7,198.6262
Total: 29,639.8338

Working stats
Manual labor: 18,778
Intelligence: 54,607
Endurance: 19,277

Fraud crimes 1011

Mar 27, 2010

Actives, Slackings and Retireds

Elyiantie Level 34 Gladiator (overall, best character i've tested and used so far)

kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (slacking but aiming Level 54 to get Wildfire Oni sets)
Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (slacking)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (boring character, but let it slack)
Dephania Level 10 Magician (slacking)

Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired)
Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired)
Zyprince Level 36 Knight (retired)

-All but Bondisurfe are in Erotica Guild (my own) Level 1 Guild and 143 more GP (507/650) to Level 2 ^^ w00t
-Warriors are nice character to play with but its quite bored to start but u'll get use to it once u get the hang of it.
-Jesters gets bored to play it after a while. Maybe it just doesnt suit my preferences.
-Ninja/Assassins aren't bad overall: cool skills and i've just obtained Skeleton Bandage by killing Murmuk at VR! Will inherit this to Elyiantie after she reach Level 45 ^^
-BM's/Aco: Quick in clearing mobs but it just doesnt suit my style of play. (Probably im more of a sword than magic person, i like to fight in the front line of battle)
-Hunters/Trappers from my experience are champions of combo. The Aerial Flurry skills easily gets hundreds of combo in a nick of time. Other skills aint bad. Fun to play with :)
-Rangers/Ballistas: Bored. Probably guns and bullets dont suit the fantasy world of Dragonica. Anyways, their party buff skills are the most useful ones (adds ACC!)
-Overall, trying so many characters i'd prefer Gladiators for all Levels and Knights for Level 20-39. Aiming Myrmidon for Ely soon~ looks forward to next experience boost event.

Knight vs Drake

which set armor looks nice or cooler? left one is Knight and right is Drake sets. I liked the Drake Helmet. way cooler than the sissy looking Knight Helmet. Anyways, Zyprince is gonna be inactive and Ely's back to be main for now as Myrmidons has better skills and more worth to play than Paladins.

Mar 25, 2010


Level 36! and got new medal "In The Name Of The Guild" w00t ^^

Tea [589347]

Highly Competent
Reach the rank of "Highly Competent"

Mar 23, 2010


Zyprince just hit Level 35 :)

now doing missions at Candescent Cavern already. all missions @ Artis n Night Lord done..

Mar 21, 2010

DGN Status

Zyprince Level 32 Knight (active - aiming Pala)

Arshassin Level 31 Battlemage (slacking)
Dephanie Level 31 Jester (slacking)
Elyiantie Level 34 Gladiator (slacking)

Bondisurfe Level 43 Ballista (retired)
Hisashii Level 42 Trapper (retired)
kooshkins Level 47 Ninja (retired)

Dephania Level 8 Magician (plain woods and horns)

Tea [589347]

is starting over to play tc after experience many things (millions of stats, billions of cash, big houses, unlimited xanaxs) now is starting over again with this account (my ori) after accounts that ppl 'inherited' to me has been taken back :'( but hey, anyways, thanks for giving me the chances of experiencing all those things. (big thanks hope[586347] and Crystalz [7xxxxx])

now with Tea [589347] am starting over again. i has...
90+ hunting skills
6mil in bank
50k int work stats
fully upgraded palace w/ vault
20+ stats
30 nb

aims to achieve (any time also can)
99 hunting skills (not a priority)
10000 chamois collection
1bil in bank (500mil at least)
100k work stats
1000 1st page bust
45 nb
100k STR + 100k DEX (for now whore those 2 first)

lets see what can i achieve by this year end :)

go Tea! let me tell u guys a story of this user with the same username someday


is Level 30 already (almost 31)
has an Aqua Sword +8ACC and 1010dmg

cool :)

Zyprince & Elyiantie now is my main

Mar 18, 2010

Ely & Zy

Elyiantie Level 34 today + have Barbarian full set w00t :)

Zyprince upgraded to Level 25 today as well + 200 of ATK


warriors (glad & knights) aren't a bad character to use overall :D

Mar 11, 2010


Today a Middle-Eastern guy told me..

"I know you chinese, you dont play with water, you only drink water."

Wonder what he means.. @.@

Mar 10, 2010

Tea [589347] today

Age: 838 days
Level: 21
Rank: #10 Competent

just upgraded a level. slowly but steadily

Mar 6, 2010

Tajul's Quote~

i need to see it..
i need to feel it..
i need to touch it.. then
i can understand it.. and
i can believe it

(T.A. Musa, 2009)

Tea [589347] today

Name: Tea [589347] Faction: Putumayo Restaurant Langkawi
Money: $156,017 Days in Faction: 407
Level: 20 Job: Education
Property: Palace [View others] (With Dephanie) Cost: $65,000,000
Income: + $3,250 Upkeep: - $3,000
Game rank: #10 Competent Points: 36
Life: 10,950 / 10,950 Age: 834
Times jailed: 26 People busted: 1
Criminal offences: 1,521 Marital Status: Married to Dephanie for 7 day(s)

Battle stats
Speed: 1,706.2088
Strength: 20,494.0036
Defence: 113.8426
Dexterity: 1,885.0914
Total: 24,199.1464
Working stats
Manual labor: 18,088
Intelligence: 50,702
Endurance: 18,567

Dragonica (slack still)

played Elyiantie for 1 hour today. gain about 10% exp. yet still not addicted! w00t~

will continue when finish thesis n finals n everything. but still prefer spending time with someone though. maybe can ask her play DGN with me huk3

Mar 2, 2010

FB Quiz

Anda mempunyai daya tarikan kepada sesiapa saja. Anda adalah seorang yang realistik, yakin, gembira dan merupakan seorang yang genius dalam bidang pendidikan, muzik, seni dan nyanyian. Anda mempunyai masalah sikap iaitu panas baran. Namun demikian, anda banyak melakukan pengorbanan untuk keluarga. Anda meletakkan keluarga di tempat yang amat tinggi sekali sehingga kadang-kadang mengabaikan kebahagian diri sendiri. Anda telah dilahirkan untuk memberi sumbangan kepada dunia ini. Jadi anda seorang yang bagus dan seorang yang amat gembira. Pasangan ideal anda adalah no.2.