Apr 30, 2010


Just finished watched Iron Man 2 with Khaixian...w00t~

been waiting for this for a while. worth all the wait? yeap. cool gadgets :)

nice :D

Ironman and ACDC rules


dismantle everything except weapons and accessories.

at around 40-45, is 1-2g each,

Apr 24, 2010

Death Bound

Ely ish 43 last night~ Has Whirlwind + Deathbound skills :) culo~

Apr 21, 2010

over 40!

Ely is 41 and full Destroyer set + 125 ACC.. w00t :)

now i pawn SBB mobs

*just found out there's a 20% exp boost til wed 10am...i didnt know, if know earlier sure will rush last night with Helidas... sigh =.=

so sien no exp boost le

Apr 18, 2010


finish exam, finish studies? submit thesis hardcover od? but feel so so so malash now...maybe tired i guess hukhuk

Apr 5, 2010


rm30/month free internet usage is gone now

so cant really online much anymore. can only go psz online or wat. sigh. what's wrong with digi? think of earning money only? many ppl cant online or enjoying dcampus becos of this lo.. too bad..

that means, less fb-ing and less blogging and also less playing dgn huhu