May 25, 2010


Don’t give up… do what you can do… and sometimes, as life is… you’ll fall… but even so… whats left… is the memory of trying to achieve whats important… and If dreams aren’t worth fighting for… what’s there left in life to look forward to…

by Kristine :)

May 20, 2010


lvl55 u go CSS,,u can hit with 150 acc..

lvl 61 im train in CE with 180ACC

CSS is for hunting weapon powders

Titan's Weapon

To make a Titan's wpn, u need these following ingredients:

Eye of Aram's Recipe - Buy from Cash Shop
50 Crysolites - Hunt in Kundara / Buy in Shops
5 Lifetree Branches - Only way to get is from the Box after Mutisha's killed / Not Available in Shops
50 Jewel of Truth - Only way to get is from the Box after Mutisha's killed / Buy in Shops

Titan weapon is stronger than lava weapon by 20% ..
Not really worth to get it .
Anyway just good luck on hunting =.=
You can get Titan's weapon by finding PCK's Rugor after you killed MUTISHA for TWICE and obtain a TITAN BLUEPRINT.

higher than the lava frag drop rate. Maybe u run 10 round u will either get 2 or 3. U just need 5. The jewel, u just need to spam the aram run, kill all the mobs inside the map. For my investigation, each time u in there will be no more than 2 jewels drop. So maybe u need to spam in like 25 times, and then u will get 50 jewels. U no need to kill boss, just go in kill mobs and come out. If u wan hunt branch, only u go inside boss and kill mutisha.



empty channels encourage refining success
refine 1 try/each time when u feel free
someppl said crafting in the first town will increase success rate

May 7, 2010

Ultimate Weapon!

hunted 3 frags without using cash last night and finally can make my lava weapon already!!! w00t~~ =)

so happy got 2 frags in one night last night le~~~ lucky bastard!

May 5, 2010


Explanation on the terms on the title are as follows...

"The alpha testing phase is in a way similar to your mother or whoever your caretaker is selecting the ingredients from the supermarket, s/he would have to check the expiry date, freshness and how is s/he going to cook it.

The closed beta test is the cooking phase, the food isn't completely ready and your mother/caretaker would usually do a taste test before distributing it to the family on the dinner table. If it doesn't turn out well then she would have to make something different, apply some herbs and spices or cook up something completely different; unless of course s/he is irresponsible and doesn't care if the food tastes bad.

The open beta test is the distribution of the food to the whole family. Since the taste test and the cooking went alright, your mother/caretaker decides to distribute the food on the table for you all. But of course you or your siblings may not like it, because there's bugs... no, because you don't like the taste or how the food looks etc. Therefore you give suggestions on how to improve the food whom your mother/caretalker (in comparison to the developers) may or may not intake.

Now I hope you get the concept behind the testing phase."

by King,

DGN buddies

Amarantha (22, Phillipines)
xArrowShot (USA)
marlia (Alvin, 22, Indon curr. @ Melb)

met these nice awesome ppl through various owl camp sessions ^^

May 4, 2010



Money is literally everything. Money do not fall down from sky. Work hard now while you can. Work for your life.
(Ng, V., 2010)

Work like crazy
(Musa, T.A., 2010)


need money in torncity (PI!)

need money in dragonica (lava weapon)

and most importantly....

need money in real life! (everything)

May 3, 2010


Vega - Crisis of Windia Plains
Toto - Thieves Hideout
White Tooth / Alvida - Wrath of Nautilus
Artis - Dangerous Mecca
Sambaba - Barlok's Lair
Queen Vella - Muddy Mire
Mimir King Bubo - Forest of Illusion
Pythanuth - Spirit Stream
Arca - Secret Basement


At El Gregor...
[4] In the Wolf's lair - South Windia Plains Hero Quest Mode MM.
[6] Another Wolf Lair - Windia Flats MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[12] Tutu Rescue Mission - West Traitor's Ridge MM (Hero Quest Mod).
[13] Disguise Plan - East Traitor's Ridge MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[15] Infiltration Mission toto Hideout! - East Traitor's Ridge Hero Quest Mode MM.
[21] Truth by chance (1) - White Tooth (Hookah) in Bearded Whale Coast MM.
[21] Truth by chance (2) - Alvida in Steven Trading Port MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[21] Slay Farrell! - Dr. Farrell at Cityhall Sewers
[28] Ruler of the Night - Skypie Sanctuary Hero Mode MM.
[28] Artis' Treasure - Mirinae Sanctuary Hero Mode MM .
[31] Ubiquitous Underground - Candescent Carvern Hero Quest Mode MM.
[32] Farrell's Diary - Sambaba in Valid Raeth (Hero Quest Mode) MM.
[40] Fight to the death against Drakes! - Defeat Lavalon at Magmus

At Faeras..

[41] Short cuiting of the town - Queen Vella in Smoldering Swamp MM (Hero Quest Mode).
[42] The Duck That Wanted To Be A Swan - Elluman at Ocher Forest Hero Mode Quest MM.
[44] Lightning Counter - Karous in Gods' Sanctuary Hero Quest Mode MM.
[49] Legend of Mimir - Mimir King Bubo in Forgotten Forest Hero Quest Mode MM.
[49] Last Struggle to Secure the Camp - Pinecone Knoll Hero Quest Mode MM.
[50] The True Nature of Myst Elves - Defeat Mutisha at Aram
[51] What Are They Transporting? - Frigid Canyon Hero Quest Mode MM.
[51] Ungrateful Beasts (5) - Sleepy Slums Hero Quest Mode MM.
[53] What's the Truth Behind This Girl? - Siren Woods Hero Quest Mode MM.
[58] Things Sought After - Gaiden in Grand Hall Hero Quest Mode MM.
[59] Second Trial - Machina Center Hero Quest Mode MM.
[59] Last Trial - Lucid Terrace Hero Quest Mode MM.
[60] Secret Book - Van Cliff Citadel.


* Big Bad Wolf - North Windia Plains
* Vega - Windia Flats
* Tutu - West Traitor Ridge
* Toto - East Traitor Ridge
* White Tooth - Bearded Whale Coast
* Alvida - Steven Trading Port
* Artis - Mirinae Sanctuary
* Night Lord - Skypie Sanctuary
* Bahamole - Candescent Cavern
* Sambaba - Valid Reath
* Queen Vella - Smoldering Swamp
* Elluman - Ocher Forest
* Karous - Gods' Sanctuary
* Mimir King Bubo - Forgotten Forest
* Karlberg - Pinecone Knoll
* Burlune - Sleepy Slums
* Pythanuth - Frigid Canyon
* Arca - Siren Woods
* Guidan - Grand Hall
* Kimart - Machina Center
* Antares (Elite) - Lucid Terrace

* Chaos Tutu - Chaos West Traitor Ridge
* Chaos Toto - Chaos East Traitor Ridge
* Chaos White Tooth - Chaos Bearded Whale Coast
* Chaos Alvida - Chaos Nautilus Port
* Chaos Night Lord - Chaos Hero's Descent
* Chaos Bahamole - Chaos Candescent Cavern
* Chaos Sambaba - Chaos Valid Raeth
* Chaos Queen Vella - Chaos Smoldering Swamp
* Chaos Elluman - Chaos Ocher Forest


Elyiantie has reach level 49 from level 44 after 2 days of non stop owl camping ^^

my main is now eligible to be a main :)

gonna earn money n farm for souls during weekdays where there's no exp boost o.O

really lost lotsa money buying potions (as im tanking)

but hell, Wyvern blade rocks! :)

a scene from owl (Forgotten Forest)....

May 2, 2010

Top 6!

Limpeh's prediction of BPL's top 6 positions...

1. Chelsea
2. Man Utd
3. Arsenal
4. Man City
5. Tottenham
6. Aston Villa

will kena? huhuk

May 1, 2010

Wyvern soon...

Ely just reach Level 47! thanks to the weekend exp boost, i've upgraded 4 levels from level 44 to 47 in 2 days camping at owl with awesome buddies :) (Helidas, leekaiwen, EGOMAN, MaGiKlance, SnowEva, Amarathana, Akaino, IamKeele, Ziyansan)

Wyvern Blade (Level 48) im coming soon! w00t~