Sep 30, 2010

Marina Bay Sands Skypark `

Today I treat my sis, mum and aunt to Marina Bay Sands Skypark! lolz... sis was kinda surprised and thanked me...hehe feel so proud to treat my family wif my own hard-earned money~~~ lolz... anyways, a few good things happen, was expecting to pay SGD80 (SGD20 each) but ended up paying SGD59.20 only~ w00t~~

totally forgotten that my mum and aunt are senior citizens so they get the senior citizens price at SGD17...all of us get additional 20% discount so me and sis gets SGD16tix and mum n aunt gets SGD13.60tix.....lucky! cos i have the premieradvantage card from casino~ w00t~ lolz =)

Sep 28, 2010


long time no blog already! have been very very very busy in real and social life lor...starting working since 12th july too! xixi met many new and crazy people so far.. pay not so much but my working environment is class A wif crazy colleagues~ (ahhh finally i can use the words colleagues now) had a new friend-wif-benefits too~ so everything is good and cool~ w00t~

anyways, i just had my convocation yesterday, thanks to my bro driving so far wif his 3series making our ride so damn comfortable all the way =)

actually just wanna say that during convocation, everyone stands up and sings negaraku, the patriotism in me kicks in and i felt so patriotic that time...sing so loud and firm til my voice almost gone neway styled wif anne n co last time lolz.... since mentioned about patriotism, hence the topic (majulah~) from singapore's national anthem.....the first sentences is a slang among locals glowing wonder every morning xixi ^^

personal hairdresser (tick!)
personal trainer (tick)

so far so's great and good for me! unlike someone who's still at kuching and im so freaking sick and tired of his fml-ing post =)

will blog somemore soon!