Oct 17, 2010

Unplanned, Unexpected

yesterday just planned to get a haircut wif my favourite and personal hairstylist but ended up wif a number of activities and friend meetings lolz~

woke up in the morning, (not feeling like p diddy) xP
went to taman u jb, my hairstylist opened a new saloon lolz called Tax-Q...seems not bad but the service is good, maybe cos she's my friend~ cut hair`

then meet yong a while to get my uni stuffs from him... after that go back cs, take queen st bus, reached there about 630pm++

got a msg from old buddy hanhong that he's at vivo, so i went there to meet him and his girl, had dinner at marche ^^

after that met anne and teddy in front of daiso, introduced everyone! (like so awkward ~.~)

hh n gf went back lor... then i went to mbs to meet anne and teddy again.. teddy play blackjack...use til 800+ to win 200 lor~ lolz... myself lose sgd10 in slots...but got guessed correctly 2til 3 rounds xixi

not satisfied to go back yet (anne), walk around mbs...then in the end decided to go to clarkequay... clubbing at lunar a while~ sgd25 per entry, music not really good but the poledancer girls....ooooshh~~ yeah baby a sight for sore eyes! w00t

home at 3am~ saturday and weekend well spent ^^