Nov 30, 2010


hmmm today got some doubts. i feel like im more than you me... i hope i will be appreciated by you. i have no sense of security. really really like me ma? i dunno, maybe still dunno her well yet.. just cant feel it... yup that IT

imma take my time...will try my best, again.. hope everything will turn out alright

Nov 21, 2010

RId of.

Got rid of almost everything from the past already. Now wanna start to build our memories together. A fresh start with you and us.

# 7

Has began a new chapter in my life now. (Well, since 5 days ago actually). Hope this will be my last. =)

It all happen at this marine parade road park. That night the sky rarely shows lotsa stars and the half moon is specially brighter than usual. Good omens perhaps? =)

Guess won't be needing to sing the song ji mo ji mo jiu hao anymore le~

Nov 14, 2010


...that a typical malaysian has been in singapore for too long

He looks at the malaysian 50cent coin and feels that it is so big =.=

Nov 13, 2010

This Quote has its meaning

"When 'master key' can open by many locks it is consider very good by all whereas if a 'lock' that can be open by many keys it is consider lousy"

xixi (our laugh words)

I like it when she...

she yelled at me. but i liked. its care. sorry to say you bo hiu before. feel like fallin more into you. i hoped, we can have more things to talked about in the future. hate sometimes we're in awkward silence bliss situation. but i believed otherwise. have faith in us =)

these 2 days probable cant see her face. Will miss her much.

Nov 11, 2010

Discomforts of the heart

I really really hate it when the girl that i like who apparently has a thing for me too cheers to other so-called shuai ge each time he take a cue shot at the pool in front me >.< its like so fucking disgusting and the situation is so hateful... so fucking hate! i really really wish she wont do that anymore... but if that really makes her happy then what can i do but to accept her for who she is...

but i really really wish i won't be facing this type of situation again... sigh... dont do this to me anymore ok?

Maybe you are never in a relationship you dont know how to take care of a guy's feeling...perhaps you would want me to tell you off? but i dont know...somehow i do still wish that you will know it yourself...

I hate all the attention u give to other guys in front of me!

Nov 7, 2010


These few days keep spending time wif jen.. went here went there xixi
yesterday just went to Pinnacles@Duxton! nice view, entrance only 5dollars and i believe is more worth it and has a better view than MBS Skypark =) anyways, a Sands Skypark entrance fee is 20dollars.... Pinnacles@Duxton are 50 storey high while the SandsSkypark are 55 storeys high...

after that went to Marina Square for our dinner (the kopitiam there has a nice view of Marina Bay =) wasnt so familiar wif marina square went i first came here...after various trips and map observing...i think i kinda get the hang of it xixi~

waiting for the rain to stop, we finally went to the iLight@MarinaBay festival to finished up our journey there...went there 2 weeks ago but just walked half of gonna go through the other half ^^