Dec 12, 2010

Things not to buy for me :)

If someone were to buy stuffs for me, I would preferable NOT want:

1) Cheap clothings (exemption if the clothing material are comfortable to be worn)
2) Normal brand wallets (myself would wanna get a Gucci or LV one day!)



Me and jagiya has been to many high places in singapore already ^^ not all but quite a lot prominent ones :) happy and glad to share this experience with her... xi

We've been to...

1) Iluma@Bugis Rooftop Park
2) Marina Bay Sands Skypark
3) Pinnacles@Duxton
4) 1-Altitude @ One Raffles Place

(List will go on)

will wait for ION Residences to open and checkout topspots at Swissotel the Stamfood, Helipad, Loof@Esplanade etc.

Dec 9, 2010


that day my baby pour water for me while we were at our friend's house... nice, i like it :) that's how u should treat your bf ma....then we can loved and appreciate u more... baby :)

today u bad mood hor... wonder why =/ some of your words quite heart-piercing, but i just ignore it lor >.< less bad mood ya! :P but we're human, so no one's perfect... next time i just hope i can catch your bad moodiness moment then i wont do or say stuffs that will cause u to say something heart-piercing in return :) stupid guy lor....self make self sad :s