Jan 29, 2011


Avant-garde (French pronunciation: [avɑ̃ɡaʁd]) means "advance guard" or "vanguard".[1] The adjective form is used in English, to refer to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics.

(from Wikipedia)

X Bonus X 13mth

I better do something about that. =.=

Need visit my dad, bro maybe might have some guidance or fatt from him :)

Jan 24, 2011

JB Trip!

22/1/11 jb trip
- bought new digi no at cs (0167230636)
- kent pick at cs
- tea at oldtown perling
- went kent's place (got big 40" tv) played pes 2011 a few games a while
- fetched me to taman u
- cash dep 1.2k to cimb
- went to tax-q to get hair done n meet old friend quinnie ^^ (dyed a bit red)
- went dolphine a while after p/u convo photos
- kiam n wong pick me n we went to aliff to watch liverpool vs wolves (3-0)
- sms wif debs at the same time
- went to dolphine for some l4d session (fun!)
- kiam send me back to yong's place
- chatted wif yong a while n retire to bed
- morning (woke at 8am!)
- ida prepared b'fast for me
- saw n chitchat wif ida (her parents divorced since her 3rd year, awww...she together wif han again lol)
- nice talk wif ida saw her japan scrapbook! nice! i also wanna do
- yong back at 11am, talked again with pea ling too
- cooked lunch together :-)
- relaxed at yong's place til 4pm cos weather so hot , life is so peaceful
- went to have tong sui wif yong, pling n ida, treat them for their nice hospitality 
- saw s. muna at bus stop said she saw ong
(today smooth traffic to cs)
- bought a trad. clothes at cs (rm89)
- smooth traffic at custom til queen st too
- saw ben n jeff odw to bedok
- meet ong n wj at bedok, bc called me n meet bc n td too ^^

Jan 22, 2011

New Term

learn a new term today : Disco Nap

sounds funny but it can be used! According to urbandictionary.com, it means :-

sleeping when ya got something goin' later on that you need to get ready for.

"i was about to go to the club, but i needed a disco nap to feel refreshed."

Jan 16, 2011

"Die Alone" by Ingrid Michaelson

Thanks to Hebe for introducing this song for me! ^^ *hearts you*

"Die Alone" by Ingrid Michaelson

I woke up this morning with a funny taste in my head.
Spackled some butter over my whole grain bread.
Something tastes different, maybe it's my tongue.
Something tastes different, suddenly I'm not so young.

I'm just a stranger, even to myself.
A re-arranger of the proverbial bookshelf.
Don't be a fool girl, tell him you love him.
Don't be a fool girl, you're not above him.

I never thought I could love anyone but myself.
Now I know I can't love anyone but you.
You make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.

Kiss the boys as they walk by, call me their baby.
But little do they know, I'm just a maybe.
Maybe my baby will be the one to leave me sore.
Maybe my baby will settle the score.

I never thought I could love anyone but myself.
Now I know I can't love anyone but you.
You make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.

What have I become?
Something soft and really quite dumb.
Because I've fallen, oh, 'cuz I've fall-fallen, oh 'cuz I've fall-fall-fallen
So far away from the place where I started from.

I never thought I could love anyone.
I never thought I could love anyone.
I never thought I could love anyone,
But you, but you, but you, but you, but you
But you make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.


Hanging out with my old buddy Eng today has made me rediscover life by a bit today. Life should be enjoyed and be relaxing, dont always think and think too much of all the pessimist stuffs (which is sooo true) Anyways, human and learning is a neverending process.. he's a guy who can get along with other people easily, make friends easily and has a good sense of humour (unlike me, sadly). Hanging out with some certain people makes you a better person than hanging out with some other people, sometimes it is like that. Maybe is the long term friendship and the bond (so called Leo bond) that can make that happen? Anyways, was happy and enjoyed today ^^ Made new friends too =) Which reminds me that I have been ignoring my current friends, as what I have learnt and going to resolute this year, we should appreciate what we already have and dont let "grass is greener at the other side" thinking challenge your conscious.

Take my time, one step at a time, no need to expedite, life is short, but live it with meaning so you won't have any regrets at a later stage of life (I already had my regrets, but nothing is never too late to be corrected now)


Hebe! *hearts*

went to watch Hebe's music showcase at Festive Grand Resort's World Sentosa today at 2pm! its my very first time attending a concert! its just so freaking awesome! w00t~~~ Hebe is soooooo great and pretty! ^^ worth the SGD88 (w/ SGD3 SISTIC tax) paid for it! Hebe's great! o...! too bad cant take picture during the show so I can only enjoy her music and look at her occasionally using binoculars (thanks to Jen) ^^

some other references

Im officially a Hebe fan now~ and maybe SHE? ^^ Hebe Hebe Hebe! <3

Jan 6, 2011


8days magazine recommended this website...am gonna try it out! =)


Jan 5, 2011


Its either politics or drama or both in the office lor regardless of big or small ones.. lolz... either way, I wont be involve in all these petty matters.. lolz~

Jan 2, 2011

2011 in film

Movies that's MUST WATCH for me on the big screen with jagiya this year~

- The Green Hornet
- 127 Hours

- Fast Five (The Fast & Furious 5)

- Thor
- Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (On Stranger Tides)

- X-Men : First Class
- Green Lantern
- Cars 2

- Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon
- Captain America : The First Avenger

- Johnny English Reborn

- Happy Feet 2
- Twilight : Breaking Dawn Part 1

- Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol
- Sherlock Holmes 2

Jan 1, 2011

A modern touch to an old story

Interesting ^^


Happy New Year 2011!

Image: taken with my J105i camera panorama mode ^^

went to Marina Bay Sands yesterday to catch up on the fireworks display..anyways didnt see everything clearly (too smoky!) we were at a good but wrong vantage point, so.... =.= anyways, next time I WILL know what to do if Im ever gonna watch fireworks again =) So, its my 3rd time celebrating new year's eve at Marina Bay yet it never fails to impress... with addition to my interest of building and surrounding structures...(am have been in and out of Marina Bay's recently opened area since its opening in mid - 2010!)

This year, with hope, will be a good one for myself and for everyone, will be the first year Im in the working life. Several things I would like to achieve this year, definitely : save money, clear my debts with some people, try to be good/better to people and take good care and appreciate wonderful things around myself. Hope to have a better temper this year, try to look into the optimistic things in life, am another year older now :)

Came across this interesting website recently : Shut up and get to work