Feb 27, 2011

Things To Do In Singapore (2)

Just thought of another pointless thing to do in Singapore if you are really really free....

Take a bus from an interchange to another interchange on other parts of the island. Its interesting what things you could see on the way and you could learn new roads to drive.

e.g. just did that today! took bus 72 from Tampines Interchange to Yio Chu Kang Terminal! wif mum too (end to end~ zzz~) was fun and learnt many new roads and things on the way xixi

must do on broad daylight ~.~ would be better, cost less than sgd2 only

Tea [589347]

have been actively playing TC recently:

got involved in racing, change a new company, achieved some aims =)

Stats so far....

Tea [589347]
Age: 1193 days
Level: 24
Rank: #12 Veteran
Job: Employee (BPs oil spilling HIRING 25k MANUAL)
Income: + $350,000
Faction: Trapnest
Days in Faction: 765
Marital Status: Married to Jen- for 365 day(s)

Battle stats
Speed: 1,706.2088
Strength: 34,013.9283
Defense: 173.5850
Dexterity: 11,386.2709
Total: 47,279.9930

Working stats
Manual labor: 25,823
Intelligence: 68,935
Endurance: 20,522

Finance: You have $2,037,000,000 invested (w00t~)
Networth: > $50m
Nerve: 35 (Age: 1,188)
Hunt: 100.00 Hunting Skills
Racing: Driver Skill - 2.23, Class - C

so far so good, will continue getting interests from bank to get a Private Island soon, some stockmarkets, taking xanaxs.....ahhh years, and i mean years of hunting in South Africa finally start to pay off...though may be slower than most people, but i achieved all this by myself =)

Things To Do In Singapore

Just thought of a really really pointless thing to do once you have tried everything in Singapore :

try walking from one end to the other end of the MRT and walk back again ^^ it'll be fun i guess? im sure there's some interesting stuffs to be seen

Cheers. Tea out

Feb 6, 2011

3rd Day CNY 2011 Agenda

3rd day cny

- soi cek bring me n chris to peiling's place
- get to know most of the cousins of dad side there
(peiling, bebe, moi, ting-jacq, ching-christine, kuang, ti, kelly, jason, alex, ming, etc.)
- back home, nap a while
- woke at 7pm, went to Topspot foodcourt meet them
(16p - jnin, xli, wseung, cyong, cwee, je, pchen, swei, dlim, kyung, mchung, wying, spoh, tsiang, ehui)
(cmang come n meet us later)
- went to sandra's house meet my form5 classmates with some form6 guys)
- went to mikechung house (me, jn, eh, cm, spoh, tsiang, siawei, doreen)(meet rosenia here)
- supper @ loklok (me, jnin, ehui, tzesiang)(ehui treat)(saw adrian ho)
- home ~ 3rd day well spent (esp. meet father's side's cousins)

miss baby jen really much :/ she seems so busy...

Feb 5, 2011

20 years ago..

Browsing through my old family photos and i came across a perfect old family photo that can be made as comparison to our latest taken family photo (which was during my convocation time)...

This pic was taken in 1990s...when my sis got the job at SQ..

This pic was taken last year in 2010...more than 20 years already... now my sister is a 20 year employee for SQ (is a Chief Stewardess now~ and the little guy has graduated already ^^)

This shall be kept here for remembrance

2nd Day CNY 2011 Agenda

1. started @ Rling house
(g/ rling, cm, ws, eh, je, sw, jn, dor, mchung & spoh)
2. went to my place (me) (use sw car)
3. went to guan's place next
(andy, jane & ky came)
(follow andy's car)
4. went to jane's place
(xueli came and eh, rling & ws back to ws house first, andy n je go somewhere else)
(follow andy's car)
5. went to ky's place
(g/ me, jane, jn, cm, dor, mchung, spoh, eh, rling, ws, ky)
(follow jane's car)
(holochim won rm1.5 here) (andy came here)
6. went to jiamiin's place
(sw, tcl & yy came)
(jane, rling, ky, mchung & ws back first)
(follow andy's car)
(met jiamiin's sis)
7. went to john's place
(g/ me, eh, jn, tcl, yy, andy, sw, cm)
8. went to hana's place @ lor stampin tgh 5/3 wif andy
(big n nice house!)
(met new friends hana lee and ace liew here)
(also met cousin caroline and gregory here)
9. went to weeseung's place
(g/ me, jn, xl, dor, sw, cm, sp, andy, ws, eh)
(tcl, yy, john, jac back first)
(met new friends jack lau and jessica chin here)
(won rm8 on 'in-between' and '3 cards' here) woot~
10. limteh at bdc siang siang
(w/ me, xl, andy, dor, jack, cm, jessica, sp, ws & eh)
(jn and sw back first)
(cm treat us drink and eat kolo mee ^^, thanks buddy!)
11. went to travillion w/ andy
(saw kiapun & selina lee @ check-in)
(saw tivona, julie & peiyung @ pavillion, police blk them, cant go out lol)
12. home @ 2am ^^
(2nd day of cny well spent =)
miss baby jen much ~