Jun 26, 2011

STA Update!

Lotsa things happening this week! w00t~

Got a platoon already!
2011-06-24 23:03:46
joey-j has accepted your application to join HOOLIGANS.

Becoming part of STA Staff!
2011-06-26 01:59:09
Private changed your status to Translator. Department: Mandarin translator - Duties: Helping Players.

Job description:
Generally a translator helps people from the respective country understanding the game. A translator is good in two languages and can easily translate for players with lesser englishskills since this game is in english. A translator does not actually translate the game from english to chinese.

In other words, you help players answering their questions both in forums and by mail if needed. Gather the chinese-speaking people somehow `)

Good luck!

Got 2 Free Snow Berries from PL Grom npa
thanks , i gave you 2 snow berry `) just a gift for supporters `)

(cos i bought the Combo pack 3DP + 3EP)

Latest stats~
Battle stats
Aiming: 50,384.1894
Power: 21,125.7072
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 10,029.5438
Total: 91,596.6197

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