Jul 29, 2011

Anti-Capitalism Propaganda

was wiki-ing stuffs and came across this interesting image, thought i might wanna share it here =)

Jul 22, 2011

#8 Major General! 40NB!

Today (yesterday) was a eventful day ^^ both my rpg games have achieve a certain milestone. Firstly...


Am a #8 Major General! w00t

Age: 131 days
Level: 13
Rank: #8 Major General
Duty Done: 5218
Battlefield Done: 858
Battle stats
Aiming: 50,384.1894
Power: 40,516.5123
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 52,327.2776
Total: 153,285.1586


just got 40NB! hoohoo! cant believe can achieve it without busting ppl in jail ^^
Level 30
Rank Star
Age 1337 days (leet!)
Nerve: 10/40

Selling illegal products 95
Theft 593
Auto theft 49
Drug deals 1
Computer crimes 45
Murder 1
Fraud crimes 2855
Other 7643
Total 11,282

Speed: 27,046.9267
Strength: 100,483.2436
Defense: 26,989.2470
Dexterity: 26,740.8656
Total: 181,260.2829

Jul 5, 2011

Team wif Paby

2011-07-05 11:03:18
thorjen has accepted your Team Invitation. You are now a TEAM!

Get good vehicle for her too ^^
You bought the Patriot for $3,000,000.

Jul 4, 2011

#7 Brigadier General!

am brigadier general now! w00t! takeover Ong now! woot....ZYX still rank #5

Age: 114 days
Level: 12
Rank: #7 Brigadier General
Duty Done: 4753
Battlefield Done: 718

Battle stats
Aiming: 50,384.1894
Power: 40,516.5123
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 10,446.8289 <--- gonna train this now
Total: 111,404.7099

will aim train defence for long now, others will train if the need arises

Countryside Driving

was on my driving days at singapore yesterday, wanted to try the Bartley viaduct after i pass by machpherson road via eunos link...so turning here and there, i've eventually drove into upper aljunied road.... its just a like a drive at the countryside...with trees on both side... its really pleasant to drive there ^^

here's the map of it

didnt took any pictures because im driving (cant hold a phone in hand!) =.= but it was nice experience...

also, driving the whole stretch of Bartley viaduct felts so nice... totally no car...its hard to find this kinda driving roads with less car in singapore anymore =)

Jul 3, 2011


things to do in SoldtoArmy
- Training
- Academy
- Missions
- Battlefield
- Team Fight
- World War

things to do in Torn
- Gym
- Crimes
- Travelling


StA more fun?