Oct 23, 2011

Motorsports Tragedy

After a motorsports tragedy last week with the death of Dan Wheldon, here comes another sad news for the motorsporting world =/ Seeing the video above, its really sickening. RIP Marco Simoncelli

Articles : Watching Rugby in Singapore

Places to watch Rugby in Singapore! Keeping it here as back-ups



Oct 22, 2011

Articles : Jobs!

Some articles about Steve Jobs that I am gonna read when I'm really really free. Plus wanna keep it here as back-up as well.


[Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address]

Oct 17, 2011

STA : Joined the Millionaire Club!

Aiming: 300,004.5376
Power: 300,042.7270
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 389,949.6823
Total: 1,000,054.1262

Marina Pro?

lately, these few days, I've been spending some time and went around the places around Marina Bay area. I discover near pathway into MBS from Promenade MRT, check out foods at the Gallerie Food Court at Marina Square, walk around Marina Square, becoming soooo familiar there. Sang K at Marina Square, watched movie, and supper at Makansutra @ Glutton's Bay. Passed by some da:ns Festival.

Even got familiar with the CHIJMES' place! Have been catching the latest Rugby World Cup action at the Australian-owned Hog's Breath Cafe and Bar! Tried to see the situation at Harry's Bar (below) but was so dayum packed with people. Oh, and New Zealand beat Australia in the semis! Congrats to Piri Weepu and co.!

Oct 13, 2011

STA : Physical Test

After examining you, the doctor smiled and gave you the results.

Battle stats
Aiming: 300,004.5376
Power: 300,042.7270
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 324,450.1631
Total: 934,554.6070
You are currently ranked # 39 in aiming.
You are currently ranked # 35 in power.
You are currently ranked # 116 in speed.
You are currently ranked # 23 in defence.
You are currently ranked # 55 in total stats.

Note: 3 Points have been deducted from your account for this test.

Oct 11, 2011

STA : 900k total!

Aiming: 300,004.5376
Power: 300,042.7270
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 289,553.9519
Total: 900,058.3958

Duty Done: 7455
Battlefield Done: 1483

joining the millionaire club soon! w00t

Oct 6, 2011

Aiming: 235,697.0791
Power: 292,484.8417
Speed: 10,057.1793
Defence: 261,789.0587
Total: 800,028.1588

Duty Done: 7311
Battlefield Done: 1448

Oct 1, 2011

GD&TOP Singapore GP 23.09.2011!

Went to watch GD&TOP's (with SeungRi's) show during the Singapore GP last friday! w00t~
Took lots of photos with my 600D but I guess this is the best 2 shots that I've taken that night, based on clarity of the photos :)
Am so proud of myself wtf.

 G-Dragon! After that night, I'm totally following this siaokia-k-fashionista! Lol

TOP! Everytime he sings, all the females starting screaming! w00t