Mar 27, 2012


waiting the call from HDB. but still haven't call me... getting a bit anxious lor... hmmm my future is uncertain now.. should i go nz study? hmmm...i really really need a good job that commensurate my qualifications and experience and skills... God knows what's best for me i guess..

Mar 25, 2012

Orang Utan

Today bumped into several people who are dark skinned but had a red-colored dyed hair. First thing that came into my mind is...looks like monkey le.... maybe dark skinned people not suit redhead jor... lolol

Mar 24, 2012

STA ; Stats Update

Battle stats
Aiming: 10,005,145.0338
Power: 2,379,570.1992
Speed: 10,319.3110
Defence: 13,103,475.9545
Total: 25,498,510.4985

You are currently ranked # 11 in aiming.
You are currently ranked # 20 in power.
You are currently ranked # 148 in speed.
You are currently ranked # 3 in defence.
You are currently ranked # 8 in total stats.

Mar 22, 2012

Font makes me wanna write?

This font makes me want to write more? Its like watching your own handwritten notes here. haha. Was just browsing the web when i reminded myself about this major orgy (japanese, obviously) which sets the record as the world's largest orgy ever. 250 couples or 250 men and 250 women all had sex at the same time in a warehouse? All this was filmed and you can get it on a dvd at God knows where. I am not bother to get it as i am only feeding myself with such information. Certainly, i do not have the time to watch some random 'videos' aite?

BLOG : Updated

re-updated my blog again from the modern dynamic look of before. as i wanted to have a look at my gadgets at the side. its sorta like my personal notebook on-line!

also the font is just like my hand-writing! meh. jk though...ahhh off to dinner now

Mar 18, 2012

BIGBANG's latest videoss!!!

Garrett's Popcorn

I use to like the Garrett's popcorn when it first makes appearance in Singapore. The smell is very fragrant everytime we passed by it...especially the ones along Citylink Mall (pity Ocean Pacific for getting their clothings smelled of fresh popcorns everyday though) lol

but now... im kinda sick of it. Guess one should not over-indulge in something, or anything. Which makes me strikes of the popcorn off my favourite foods list. Which makes the only ones in my favourite food list is the one and only : Luxemberger Macarons... oooohh Macaroooooooooooons w00t! Hopefuly will not over indulge in this one. We have other nice macarons from Canele, TWG (but i dont prefer TWG ones)

Cheers and sorry for the oh-so-long-never updated blog

Mar 2, 2012

STA: 20m total!

Battle stats
Aiming: 5,952,798.8392
Power: 1,012,642.6883
Speed: 10,319.3110
Defence: 13,026,317.0198
Total: 20,002,077.8583