Jun 30, 2012

home....and away

sometimes we must stay at home for whole day, to appreciate the real nature of being outside?

btw, just finish watching Taken featuring Liam Neeson, man.... what a manly voice!

[GUIDE] Korea Trip Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 (Guide for Penghui!) - Part 2 - JEJU ISLAND

Ok basically not really a guide, just a rough one.

Firstly, we took local budget airline Eastar Jet which our friend Louis had booked for us earlier from Gimpo Airport at Seoul to arrive Jeju Island!
- ticket cost about KRW43000 (S$50/-)
- please take note there are domestic and international terminal at Gimpo Airport which you had to take bus transfer to each other (check with local airport officer if unsure!)

After arrived at Jeju Airport, we managed to rent a Hyundai hatched-back (for 4 persons) car for 3 days which costs about KRW127800 (S$130/-) Quite cheap if 4 persons share I think? Its easy to get around by keying in wherever you wanna go the places telephone number (GPS is in Korean but easy to use, I think)

IMPORTANT!!! Most of people in Jeju cannot speak English, so when we did our booking for accomodations we got our MR HONG (From Golden Pond Hostel) to call and do the bookings for us for some of the accomodations.

Date : 29/12/2011 ~ 1/1/2012 (New Year in Jeju!)


Day 1
- arrived Jeju around evening
- quite late to go around + hungry

Day 2
- Spirited Garden (took pic at entrance only)
- Jeju Glass Castle (entrance fee : KRW 9000)
- O'Sulloc Tea Museum (free admission!)
- Chocolate Museum (entrance fee : KRW 4000)
- Teddy Bear Museum (entrance fee : KRW 8000)
- Jungmun Daepo Columnar-jointed Lava (free admission at that time as Jeju Island won UNESCO World Heritage thingy)
night time already! not enough time for more~

Day 3
- Sangumburi Crater (admission : KRW3000)
- Mini-miniland (admission : KRW7000)
- Gimnyeong Maze (admission : KRW3300)
- Gimnyeong Seongsan Beach (wind too cold!)

Day 4
- Seongsan Ichulbong Peak (only stayed in car and watched the peak from afar as it is New Year's Day and everyone goes to the peak to do some offerings - its a annual thing for the locals?)
- drive along coastal road from Seongsan to Gimnyeong (stop and take picture on the way, whenever we want - beauty of self-driving)
- sent rental car back to Jeju-rent-a-Car and off to Mokpo via ferry!


Day 1 - Hani Hostel, Hallim-eup
- KRW15000/person/night
- really nice place
- owner/operator is a young lady (Park Bom look-a-like) who can speak english

Day 2 - UI Guesthouse, Gujwa-eup
- KRW20000/person/night
- very secluded guesthouse
- owner cannot speak English (we are able to stay here

Day 3 - Cote Dor Tourist Hotel, Gimnyeong
- KRW80000/night (3ppl share)
- finally some sensible accomodation
- 3 star hotel with some good facilities

Day 4 - off to Mokpo via ferry!

In Jeju, it is not easy to find a proper meal as ALL of the shops are written in Korean and everyone speaks Korean there. Basically we just get our makans at Family-Mart (our saviour) and happen to pass-by some shops that has Ginseng Chicken Soup or Black Pork (haven tried). Seafoods are cheap in Jeju, if you know how to order lol.
Too much place to visit in Jeju, not enough time to 'appreciate' them all! 1 week in Jeju should be enough and optimal.

[GUIDE] Korea Trip Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 (Guide for Penghui!)

Had to make a travel guide for my friend Penghuhui....essentially had to redesign my whole blog so its more easier to read... anyways here it is:

Good Websites to refer
- http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto (useful!)
- http://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g294197-Seoul-Vacations.html (people's review)
- http://budgettravel2korea.blogspot.sg/
- http://baotravelkorea.wordpress.com/


1. Dongdaemun area
- located along the famous Cheongyecheon stream
- collection of several warehouse / open door stores
- got shoes, clothes etc. etc.
- dongdaemun market
- Doota @ dongdaemun (expensive)
- Migliore @ dongdaemun (many cheap clothes like u see in online)
- things i didnt do : try check-out the Dongdaemun Gate in the morning

2. Myeongdong area
- myeongdong (lively at night, many stalls selling foods and accesories, many beauty shop)
- many lorongs to explore
- nice coffee at Angel-in-us Coffee
- walking distance to Namdaemun, several Lotte buildings around Namdaemun-ro)
- subway has underground shopping centre, saw several K-Pop merchandise stores here
- TIPS : must try the tornado potato here!
- TIPS : beauty shops like Nature Republic, Etude House hands out many samples ONLY IF YOU VISIT THE STORE AND BUY SOME STUFFS

"View of Myeongdong's shopping street - a lot of people!"

3. Namdaemun area
- group of warehouse stores sellings several goods (last time i went here didnt manage to walk everything cos too cold and saw plenty of aunty fashions with some ah-ma smell)
- Shinsagae Dep't Store (normal, something like Isetan)
- the last time i never explore finish! so not much description here

4. Insadong area
- Insadong street
- many souvenirs shop (too many til blur)
- many people queuing for Hot-teok (sweet rice cake)
- check-out Ssamziegil building here (interesting design and many small boutique shops)
- recommended to go via Jonggak station (exit 3, walk straight heading east til your see a road with many people walking, that is Insadong street) walk til end of Insadong street and you can go back via Anguk station

5. Itaewon area
- had my delicious KFC here!
- bought my favourite the North Face sling bag here (if you see, maybe can help me buy again - black color :P)
- this place more global, many international stores

(these shopping places didnt manage to visit, not enough time! but i think should have some cheap goods, cos university area cater to the budget people)
6. Ewha Women's University
7. Samcheong-dong
8. Hongik University (Hongdae)
9 . check out more here!


1. Cheongyecheon stream
- beautiful man-made stream cutting across the heart of the city of Seoul
- I went during winter, was too cold to walk for long!
- Things to try : take a walk along Cheongyecheon stream from East to the West (the 'origin' of the stream), about 2 hours walk I think

"Origin of Cheongyecheon stream at night"

2. Nami Island
- filming location of the hit drama Winter Sonata!
- (1 & 1/2 hours from Seoul)
- check out how to go there here!
- was kinda stuck when I was at Cheongnyanni Station about which line to take to Gapyeong station, you can always check with the local officers there! very helpful
- TIPS : go early! the last time I went there was in winter and late afternoon, so when I arrived I didnt manage to walk the whole island as it was dark already T.T

3. N Seoul Tower
- walked uphill to Namsan Cable Car Station from our Namsan guesthouse (fun during winter)
- there's a park on top with lots of "locks-of-love" very unique and beautiful
- the Nature Republic store on top of the tower boast that it is the cheapest in town, can request for more free gifts here!

"Locks-of-love a top N Seoul Tower"

4. Seoul Plaza
- there's an outdoor ice-skating rink here during winter-time! fun to see people having fun skating around

and many more (mostly are palaces like Gyeongbokgung Palace or Gyeonghuigung Palace) which I dont have interest to visit and also not enough time) probably can visit if I am going again to Korea next time.


1. Golden Pond Guesthouse, Daehak-ro area (near Hyehwa Stn)
- water heater doesn't work sometimes (bad during winter! I just couldn't shower cold water during winter!)
- common area has a bit of 'fishy' smell
- no breakfast
- but cheap!
- overall, the owner (Mr. Hong) was really friendly and helpful and are able to converse in English fluently
- made reservations via email in their website http://www.goldenpond.co.kr/

2. Namsan Guesthouse 3, Myeong-dong area (recommended!)
- easy access to subway station
- near Myeongdong shopping street
- cheap and good + free breakfast! (bread and jam only la)
- Website : http://www.namsanguesthouse.com/

Part 2 @ Jeju coming up soon!
Part 2 here!

STA : Achievements (so far...)

After getting involved in online text RPGs since 2007, finally I can brag some achievement in this latest one that I play and are actively involved in.

TOP [2100]
Status: Helper
User is: Online
Staff department: Player Assistance
Staff duties: Helping Players
Gender: Male
Age: 476 days
Level: 20
Rank: #11 General of the Army
Platoon: Polish Elite
Life: 824980 / 1242700
Teammate: HarperSeven
Joined Team: 2 times
Battle Point: 1612
Battle Won: 451
Battle Lost: 154
Stalemate: 73
Duty Done: 15699
Battlefield Done: 3078
Rescued: 998
Referrals: 2

Hall of Fame:
Platoons : Polish Elite - #2!
Level  - #7
Rank - #11
Duty Done - #7
Battlefield - #7

5 listings in Hall of Fame!

Battle Stats
Aiming: 18,887,919.6689
Power: 7,643,459.3036
Speed: 10,319.3110
Defence: 19,002,430.3062
Total: 45,544,128.5897

Fighting Stats
Aiming: 30,409,550.6669
Power: 20,484,470.9336
Speed: 13,724.6836
Defence: 35,154,496.0665
Total: 86,062,242.3507

Beauty Sleep

Woke up naturally today, feeling so good-looking and fresh to face a new day! Now that's what I call a "beauty sleep"~

And, its raining now! After a long of serious summer heat, it is finally raining! Hoooah~

Good, good... I smell good prospects in July and beyond soon

20111227 01 Daehak ro

hoho....just testing my very first travel video log :P



Another EPIC song from one of the old J-Rock bands that I used to like! and still like!

Jun 29, 2012

Epic Trolling

Trolled my old buddy! Wakakaka

Jun 23, 2012

Happy Dumpling Festival!

Penghui made this! What a talented guy

"Happy Dumpling Festival!"

Jun 20, 2012

Jun 16, 2012

Finance Games

Just putting 'em here for future use.

http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/ - for reference
http://www.marketwatch.com/game/ - games for tryouts

Found the 2nd link above when i backed it up last year! w00t~ the power of backing up~ muahahaha

It all comes...

Was complaining the other day, long long time ago about nobody invited a certain someone to their weddings and all of the suddeny I had 3 weddings that I had to attend to this year! Argh.. Things always come together and when their not, they just dont come at all. Gotta prepare the red-packets. ~.~

Anyways, congratulations to cousin David and his new bride Sharon, old buds Jack and Alexuz and Henry and Jane and wish you guys a blissful and happy marriage! #awwwe

To Eat List (back-up)

Aljunied Penang Food - til 12am!
Ananda Bhavan (24/7) indian food!
Asia Square Food Court
Astons Specialties
Awfully chocolate, East Coast
BBQ Box, Geyland Rd
Barcook Bakery, OUB Centre, #B1-09, (nice soft raisin bun, long q)
Beach Rd prawn noodles (wu xiang, morning)
Balestier Rd chicken rice
Balestier Rd taosapao (opp Thomson Med Ctr)
Bangkok Thai Food, #04-67, Beauty World Centre (seems nice!)
Bedok Kolo Mee
Bedok Rd indian/mamak
Big Bad Wolf,226 T Ktg Rd
Buddy Hoagies Cafe n Grill, Bukit Timah SC (no service, no gst!)
Ban Mian , roxy sq
Botak Jones Rest, corner of Balestier rd n Kim keat rd
Banana Leaf Curry, Northpoint
Claypot Rice
Blk 335, Smith St, #02-102 & 128
Blk 328, Clementi Av 2, #01-220
Chinatown Food Street (nice siew mai), Smith St
Carnivore, MBS/ChijmesCity plaza top floor dessert
Crab buffet, swissotel clarke quay
City Plaza's Arnold's Fried Chicken
Casuarina Curry Prata
Chin Mee Chin Confect. (Nice kaya)
Eng Seng Rest (wed close)
El-Sheikh Rest (shawarma)
Erich's Wuestelstand, Chinatown
Figos Grail, Tg Katong
Fried Tofu at Banquet PP
King Louis Grill, Vivo
Kusina de Pinoy (Roxy Sq)
Ji De Chi, Liang Seah
Jln Kayu prata / durian cake
Katong Laksa
Kipo Corner - Odeon Katong
LavaRock, Tjg Katong Rd
Laoban Bean Curd, old airport
Maison Kayser, Scotts Sq
Mooncake (Da Zhong Guo, Chinatown)
Mignon's Steak & Grill, Taka B2
Marche Vivo, 313, RafflesCity
Medzs @ OC B2, Milenia Walk
Malaysian Food Street, USSRWS
Nakhon Kitchen, Bedok N Av 3
Prata @ Sg Muslim Rest, E Coast Rd (24hrs)
Prata (CCW suggest) Upp Thomson n Sin Ming area, Siglap
Quentin's Eurasian Rest, Dunman Rd
Ramen at Orchid Hotel, Tg Pagar
Roxy Basement Steamboat
Roti Prata House, Upp Thomson (24H)
Rojak at Toa Payoh Hub FC *
Smiths Authentic FnC, Tg Ktong
Taiwan Porridge Buffet, Orchard Grand Court
Tony Roma's
Tiptop Curry Puff @ PS
Thomson Rd chicken rice
Tom n Tom, ICON Village
Tanjong Rhu Pao @ Lor 34 Geylang
Sakura Buffet
Singapore Food Trail, Flyer
Suntec Food St (36 1st stop)
Ultimate Ramen @ Iluma #4
United Sq (cheap seafood buffet)
V8 Cafe, Bugis 3rd Flr
Zaffron Kitchen, East Coast (nice indian foods!)

Ella 陳嘉樺 - 厚臉皮 (官方版完整MV)

Just saw this video...and got really touched! She looks so happy and even made a music video about it... awwwwee :')


Came back home one fine day and found this on my table (with the monies of course)

Just. Cute. :P

Need OCBC Cards!

Anyone out there care to share their OCBC Cards with me? Arghhhh

"Book It

BIGBANG "ALIVE TOUR 2012" will be held on 28 September, 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Tickets, priced from S$128 to $288, will be available at all SISTIC outlets from 28 June.

OCBC debit and credit card members can buy tickets on 25 and 26 June. Each card member can purchase a maximum of eight tickets per transaction."

[Source: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/blogs/singapore-showbiz/bigbang-rock-singapore-again-one-wait-070107380.html]

Planning to buy this! But I'm pretty pretty sure it would be nearly sold out to public on 28 June! (Damn those Singaporean VIPs!) Leave out some good seats for me please! Wanna get this tickets~ Gotta open a OCBC account and wait 7-8days for the debit card? Don't know if can make it or not



Lately there's been a buzz about naked Kim Kardashian's photos online. Thanks to Mr West. And man.... she is haawwttttt! Hot girl with a hot name (Kar-day-shee-ann) Whether it is really her in the photo or not doesn't matter. Its a well taken picture from behind :) *I have a knack for photography there

Jun 14, 2012


Enough of being optimistic since I came back from China. lol.

Spent yesterday's night with my good old bud Andy who transitted to Taiwan via Singapore. He's a really good friend of mine that I would give up my usual wednesday football session just to meet him up! Hey, its not everyday you get a visitor from Taiwan, plus its an old buddy too lol We share our life's experience together, but as usual he did the talking more. :D That's the old Andy I know.

By the way, just posting here as it is Euro Cup 2012 Season now...anyways was browsing through Facebook, and it somehow felt different this time. I find life is unfair and some people has the better lives (or better halves) Am I not deserving all these? Or has my time not arrived yet? Was it not my time to shine yet? Or something is holding back from letting the light of my life shining? I find that my new-found optimism (that I have acquired in China) seems to be fading away.. and all the clouds of negativism taking over. Hmmm, I could place the blame on being with the wrong peers. I must do something to my life, I am still thinking... but action must be carry out soon!

Of course, by keeping the motto "look to the future, appreciate the present and put the past behind" actively applied into my life. Ahhh, reaching this sentence, after ranting and expressing, that optimism-spirit is kind of holding on now. *side-smile*

Jun 9, 2012

Its Friday night...

Its Friday night! Its actually over 12 and am in Saturdays now... Just got back from meeting up old pals at Bugis and Bugis+ (Jingnin and Enghui, the original buds that I've spent my last STPM paper with) Seriously, they are a good friend, just gotta have a mutual respect for each other then all is good. Had our dinner at V8 Cafe, initially thought that place will have long queue...probably is due to food quality reduced? Anyways, went there for the 2nd time and seriously, I'm not sure if there will be a 3rd time as it didnt 'enticed' me enough to come back for more..menus are cheap though.

Thursday night went to PC Fair 2012 and bought a Toshiba 500G Portable Hard Disk for my sister (cost SGD86/-, cheapest for the fair so far I've checked!) That day also I have met up another old friend (Robin and the gf, Yen Yen) Had our dinner at Sushi Express where all sushi plates cost SGD1.50++ only, I still dont like octopus and squid though (argh!) We ordered a total of 29+2 plates but the stupid waitress go and write it as 39+2, we paid for more! Luckily I was smart and witty enough to do some memory calculations of what we should be paying and we went back to the cashier and stated the mistake to her. All was good as we manage to get a refund of about SGD17 back! (Hey, that's a lot and could feed a person for 1 or 2 days) (Money is hard to earn!) All thanks to me :P

Gotta give some credit to the 'yours truly' :D Felt proud of it and I do hope that I will always take note of such menial things in the future and dont get our wallets got chopped of just like that. Well 2 days of meeting 2 different groups of friend was enough to renew our acquaintance. Both near-weekend nights well spent!

Jun 3, 2012

[GALAXY Note] Beckham plays Beethoven's Ode To Joy

the idol doing music...^^ golden balls!

Neymar New Insane Trick Dribble Crazy Skills Drible Santos 5-0 Catanduv...

loved this skill! can i do it after my "elastico/flip-flop" triumph over the whites last week? :D
Just noticed something about rescuing people from POW Camp ; those with jail time of 1 and half hours and below seems easier to rescue :P

This observation and secrets stays with me :P

Battle stats
Aiming: 17,072,795.7515
Power: 5,726,465.8743
Speed: 10,319.3110
Defence: 17,194,652.6226
Total: 40,004,233.5594

Fighting stats
Aiming: 27,487,201.1599
Power: 15,346,928.5431
Speed: 13,724.6836
Defence: 31,810,107.3518
Total: 74,657,961.7385

You are currently ranked # 5 in aiming.
You are currently ranked # 15 in power.
You are currently ranked # 151 in speed.
You are currently ranked # 4 in defence.
You are currently ranked # 6 in total stats.

I have dropped 1 position in defence!!! Who's the culprit! Argh....
But I still pawned with # 6 in total, Im guessing iC3, Black_Stallion, Yaotzin, Boogieman & Green-Goblin???
Reached total 40million natural stats! woot

Blog font changed...and others

Changed the blog's font again. Bored with the old one. Its hard to read it too! Makes me and probably some other peeps not 'entice' to read it. And speaking of enticement....recently I've watched the Avengers movie... its seriously a good show man! After watching the show, I am not entice to watch any other upcoming new shows anymore ~.~ Avengers to the end! w00t! Probably the upcoming movie in my waiting list would be Ironman 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and Avengers 2.... the rest.... *yawns* sleepy eyes :P

Sorry non-marvel movie maker!

Waking up...

I finally found the chinese translation website (with pinyin) that I have been searching for quite some time already! And its all back-up'ed here in my blog. w00t! Like a boss~ its call nciku! My post of the day 自然醒, 是一种奢侈