Jun 30, 2012

[GUIDE] Korea Trip Dec 2011/ Jan 2012 (Guide for Penghui!) - Part 2 - JEJU ISLAND

Ok basically not really a guide, just a rough one.

Firstly, we took local budget airline Eastar Jet which our friend Louis had booked for us earlier from Gimpo Airport at Seoul to arrive Jeju Island!
- ticket cost about KRW43000 (S$50/-)
- please take note there are domestic and international terminal at Gimpo Airport which you had to take bus transfer to each other (check with local airport officer if unsure!)

After arrived at Jeju Airport, we managed to rent a Hyundai hatched-back (for 4 persons) car for 3 days which costs about KRW127800 (S$130/-) Quite cheap if 4 persons share I think? Its easy to get around by keying in wherever you wanna go the places telephone number (GPS is in Korean but easy to use, I think)

IMPORTANT!!! Most of people in Jeju cannot speak English, so when we did our booking for accomodations we got our MR HONG (From Golden Pond Hostel) to call and do the bookings for us for some of the accomodations.

Date : 29/12/2011 ~ 1/1/2012 (New Year in Jeju!)


Day 1
- arrived Jeju around evening
- quite late to go around + hungry

Day 2
- Spirited Garden (took pic at entrance only)
- Jeju Glass Castle (entrance fee : KRW 9000)
- O'Sulloc Tea Museum (free admission!)
- Chocolate Museum (entrance fee : KRW 4000)
- Teddy Bear Museum (entrance fee : KRW 8000)
- Jungmun Daepo Columnar-jointed Lava (free admission at that time as Jeju Island won UNESCO World Heritage thingy)
night time already! not enough time for more~

Day 3
- Sangumburi Crater (admission : KRW3000)
- Mini-miniland (admission : KRW7000)
- Gimnyeong Maze (admission : KRW3300)
- Gimnyeong Seongsan Beach (wind too cold!)

Day 4
- Seongsan Ichulbong Peak (only stayed in car and watched the peak from afar as it is New Year's Day and everyone goes to the peak to do some offerings - its a annual thing for the locals?)
- drive along coastal road from Seongsan to Gimnyeong (stop and take picture on the way, whenever we want - beauty of self-driving)
- sent rental car back to Jeju-rent-a-Car and off to Mokpo via ferry!


Day 1 - Hani Hostel, Hallim-eup
- KRW15000/person/night
- really nice place
- owner/operator is a young lady (Park Bom look-a-like) who can speak english

Day 2 - UI Guesthouse, Gujwa-eup
- KRW20000/person/night
- very secluded guesthouse
- owner cannot speak English (we are able to stay here

Day 3 - Cote Dor Tourist Hotel, Gimnyeong
- KRW80000/night (3ppl share)
- finally some sensible accomodation
- 3 star hotel with some good facilities

Day 4 - off to Mokpo via ferry!

In Jeju, it is not easy to find a proper meal as ALL of the shops are written in Korean and everyone speaks Korean there. Basically we just get our makans at Family-Mart (our saviour) and happen to pass-by some shops that has Ginseng Chicken Soup or Black Pork (haven tried). Seafoods are cheap in Jeju, if you know how to order lol.
Too much place to visit in Jeju, not enough time to 'appreciate' them all! 1 week in Jeju should be enough and optimal.

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