Sep 29, 2012

Language Barrier

The problem with a foreign idol, can only stay as an idol is because of the language barrier. Even if we could get close to them, there's difficulty of us communicating. This would indefinitely affect the relationship between both parties. It somehow is sad that we can only idolised our idols in form of listening to their music, watching their movies etc. But if you were to put them on a date over a dinner, there's hardly any form of communication...unless you go all the way to learn their languages. But would it worth it? Worth of the time and effort? I guess it should worth it. -pondering-
Strength: 1,000,680.0204
Defense: 101,608.4910
Speed: 208,698.8450
Dexterity: 101,839.6012
Total: 1,412,826.9576

1st solo stats hits 1million in my whole TC career! For my own account. w00T~

2NE1 - I don't care(Too Tired ver.)

Sep 8, 2012

The Secret Of Sarawak Laksa Paste Revealed - My 500th Post

The Secret Of Sarawak Laksa Paste Revealed - My 500th Post

Sep 3, 2012

Furoshiki Book wrap

interesting!!! can learn lolz
also not forgetting tying rose from scarf :P

Sep 1, 2012

[STA] 100million fighting stats!

Battle stats
Aiming: 26,057,361.4346
Power: 7,676,185.6808
Speed: 10,319.3110
Defence: 20,251,905.5042
Total: 53,995,771.9306
Primary: PSE TAC-15
Secondary: FNP-45 Tactical Gold
Vest: STA Full Body Armour
Knife: Chris Reeve Pacific 6
Grenade: RUAG's HG 85
Med Pack: Large Med Kit
Fighting stats
Aiming: 41,952,351.9097
Power: 20,572,177.6245
Speed: 13,724.6836
Defence: 37,466,025.1828
Total: 100,004,279.4007

[GALAXY Note 10.1] James Franco, the ultimate multitasker

One of my favourite actors : James Franco