Apr 17, 2013

Some post in a while...

Zomg! Haven't been posting here for quite some time now. Sorry le blog. Lolz.Well, all is not forgotten! 3 months since my last post. Many things have recently since my last presence here (excluding busy with work and time just flies by thingy) ; went back for cny, group trip to Batam, Desaru, February and March just pass by like that, took total for less than a day annual leaves for the past few months?, bought first property @ Pandan City area, Johor, bought a new laptop (a gaming one, that is!) enrich my knowledge regarding equities, properties, gaming, current affair etc., bought my first stocks!, buddies going on work travel trip @ NZ (Enghui & Jingnin), another buddies getting married (BC & TD), quitted STA, oh and Jennifer Lawrence won Oscar Best Actress, also Iron Man 3 is showing soon!, GI JOE 2 was a disappointment -,- but not as disappointed as Ghost Rider 2. 

That basically sums up what happened in these past few months of my life here. Oh well, hope to write more soon I hope. Wish things are smooth sailing this year.

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