Sep 4, 2014

An Eventful Month & A New Beginning

Its been so long since I last logged on Blogger and posted a blog here.

The past month has been an eventful one in my life. I quitted my job and be part of the 5-10% (average) of the unemployment peeps. After that I was literally living out of the suitcase.

17th July I left Singapore for a week's homely trip to my birth town Kuching, just to pack up and arrange all my stuffs for my next phase in life. Afterwards, it was like:-

17-23 July --- Kuching
25-28 July --- Bangkok
30 July - 5 August --- London (London, baby!!!)
5-8 August --- Paris (Bonjour, mademoiselle!!!)
8-10 August --- Amsterdam (RLD and weed, here I come!!!)
10-13 August --- London (again~)

Highlight of the trip so far.. was in Paris. As said, it it truly a very beautiful city and I definitely will come back there again. #ILoveParis

Arrived Singapore on the evening of 14th August.. I had to repack and pack the rest of my stuffs to get on to the next part of my life: Migrating to New Zealand (Kia ora!!!)

16th August I depart my home for the past 4 years (sleeping on the floor with dog's smell) in Singapore, saying my goodbyes to all my friends in Kuching and Singapore and arrived in Auckland. It was almost the end of winter and it felt good. It took about 3-4 days to get the orientation in my body to be on local time (not sure if it was in London time and Singapore time --- the jet-lagged jet lag)

I could say that I'm starting to live my life and I'm sure He has it written in the stars for me to be here.
Here's to a new life and new beginning *wine clinks

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