Jun 27, 2015

A halfway status...

Its been three months since I left New Zealand for Singapore. Yet the memories of all my Survivors teams still feels like it happened yesterday. Making this daring decision to come here, I never ever regret it. I've gained what not many people amongst my peers could have gain, that is, life experience. Some say to advance the career ladder, you need to have considerable working experience. But I say, and I think that life experience is as important as well. I believe there are good employers out there who value life experience, what it could bring into their organisation. An outview worldly approach in solving day-to-day matters where no other employees could have solved. Though I may have amassed a near four months worth of debt, but I say this is well worth it. Now I just got to work in clearing my debts, which I confidently believe I could do it. Vamos!

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