Jul 31, 2015

Jul 30, 2015





I myself also took some sort of sabbatical for 8 months (England, France, Netherlands, Cambodia and mostly in New Zealand), thanks to some people I have free accommodation but I still have to pay her back though (a 5 figure amount)

Day 20- If you had 3 wishes, what would they be.

Wish 1 - wish for $10mil dollars (more is better, but I'm realistic) with this amount of money I could live comfortably for the rest of my life and buy some wishlisted dividend stocks also provide travels for my family and see my friends in other countries and occasionally do some charity works

Wish 2 - wish for a good health and also the perseverance to control what we eat so in the future we could get healthy

Wish 3 - wish for my loved ones to be success in life as well as myself and we will continue to be a good person and humans in life

Jul 29, 2015

Day 19- Nicknames you have; how or why you have them.

Bean - nicknames my family give me since young, I don't know why, maybe an easier version of Vin

Chente - nickname given to me by my mexican friend Joserico

Vincent St - nickname given to me by my another mexican brother Oscar, because he use to stay there

Cantinero - yet another nickname for me because I always patronized La Cantina :P

Jul 28, 2015

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have.

Day 18...not bad, so far so good I've been following this blogging method, seems like I have the long-dormant determination and perseverance inside of me, or did my recent New Zealand endeavours bring out the sleeping side of me into a new me? or should I the sleeping dragon in me?

Every normal people with a life should have their plans/dreams/goals in life, which would the purpose of life more meaningful etc.

My current plan is to settle my financial debts, get it in order for stability, I would have to diligently work on my stable day job (in a good reputable MNC, which is good, I think) I believe after a few months and in the next year, things would be in order, and I don't ever regret a single cent I spent and used in New Zealand because it was worth it, I spent on my life, my experience where not everyone have the luxury of doing so. So to say, mentally, livelihoodly..I'm wealthy of it :)

My dreams would be to go travelling and meet up my friends in their countries (I hope they make the time to meet me up too). As long as I make enough to get by in life and have enough resources me and my family, also annual holidays, is enough for me. Other people please don't disturb. I also hope to own some dividend-paying stocks one day (telcos are quite stable so far).

Jul 27, 2015

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

I would want to switch lives with Dan Bilzerian for a day because....so many chicks! get to play with guns! drives car! feel the muscles! monies monies monies! w00t

Jul 25, 2015

Day 16- Something you could live without.

I'm a positive guy (and I become much more positive after my NZ endeavours), and I could live without quite a number of things. The basic things I only need in life are food, clean water, shelter, beautiful & natural environment and a beautiful companion.

Cheers, naz drowie!

Jul 24, 2015

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle; share the first 10 songs that play.

This is easy! Finally a proper complete post.

1. U2 - With Or Without You

2. Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 - Promise 약속

3. SEUNGRI - Gotta Talk To U

4. Jay 周杰倫 - Ban dao tian he 半島鐵盒

5. Miki Hoshii 福山雅治 - Squall スコール

6. Jay 周杰倫 - Qing tian 晴天

7. Hei Long 黑龙 - Bei Qing Shang Guo De Nv Ren 被情伤过的女人

8. Minions - Banana Song

9. Bruno Mars - Grenade

10. Pitbull feat. Sean Paul & Lil' Jon - Culo (Remix)

Hmmm I have weird combinations of playlist (I listen to everything!)

Jul 23, 2015

Day 14- A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

All this blog ideas are getting more ridiculous.

Something I ate.....hmmmm guacamole? :D

And my 10 confessions.... shouldn't we not expose this online? I'm gonna keep this in my head for now.

Peace out.

Jul 22, 2015

Day 13- A picture of you and your family

I have this! Which was posted long, long time ago... but it is still very precious though

Jul 21, 2015

GoPrOscar 1 has return!

OMG! My dear friend Oscar lost it during our trip to Whatipu Beach (Waitakere Ranges) and now it has been found! Let's give it to the Aucklanders and New Zealanders who are such honest people! Salute! #faithinhumanityrestored I'm so happy for this news/founding because Oscar was really really sad when we found out that we lost the GoPro. But being an awesome, positive person that he is, he quickly get over it and continue our awesome trip in New Zealand. Congratulations, Oscar! I think I'm much more happier than him, as we both travel to and fro Whatipu Beach and Auckland 2 times just to try to look for it, but to no avail, and now it has resurface again! It's a miracle! It's the power of our Survivor Team's good vibe, sublime #goodthingshappentogoodpeople

And yet we have another survivor in our family, the GoPrOscar 1! Let this be a beacon of hope for us, let this be our awesome teams landmark, let this be our trademark for all our awesome endeavours, #TeamSurvivorsForever.
We'd really like to return the Hero 3+ Go Pro Camera (with a selfie stick) to the people who own it...most probably the...
Posted by Auckland Police on Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 12- A picture of your room; don’t cheat by cleaning it. Share a secret.

erm....i don have such a picture and i can't take it now :P


Jul 20, 2015

That one emo post

Its been a few month since I left New Zealand for Singapore, yet the all the memories felt like it was just yesterday. I am truly living a dream, living my dream over there. All the memories over there bring tears, tears of joy, tears of happiness sometimes. Yes, I do miss everything and everyone there. And I mean my Survivors Family. Oscar. Darius. Ely. Marius. Bommie. Jeung-woon. Joserico. Felipe. Marinella. Daniela. Patrick. Angi Tairy. Maria Fernanda. Hashim. Julia. Pao Pao. Kathleen. Laureen. etc. and everyone else who I forgot to mention. We are really like a family, we went through all thick and thins, ups and downs, highs and lows together. It is this moment, this experience, this friendship, this memories that make you a better person in life. I could never ever again come across this group of people anywhere else anymore. So, I must treasure this memory of us. I do not want to forget. I will not forget. Always remember you guys forever. And like a rolling stones bound to meet each other again, we will meet again and continue to build our future memories. Survivor Rules!

Day 11- A picture of something you dislike.

Erm, I try to respect mother nature and the sentient beings in life and see the beauty of all things in the world.

So I have nothing that I dislike. (I try)

#optimism #positivism

Jul 18, 2015

Day 10- A story about a past relationship.

As mentioned, yesterday was public holiday and no blogging (no computers, no access to internet, self-purification from technology). By the way, would like to wish those celebrating Eid-Mubarak/Hari Raya Aidilfitri a very Selamat Hari Raya!

A story about past relationship/relationships...hmmm, I have had a lot of past relationships which I put behind me and learnt from mistakes made, perhaps not the best to bring this out here? Anyways, I have had better control of my emotional prowess, so it wouldn't affect my mind much. (The rice has become porridge anyways), but yeah lets just say that we learn from experiences, whether from life, travelling, past or anything, the most important is do not be afraid to make mistakes and make sure you learn from them, if not, you are a failure, you fail to live your life. Naz drowie!

Jul 16, 2015

Day 09- Something/someone you’re proud of.

I'm proud of my siblings for being successful in their careers (my sis is a chief stewardess in a reputable company now and my bro is a highly-regarded accounts manager for a local company, and he's doing quite well financially for himself now) which means, I probably only have myself to worry about now. w00ts!

Jul 15, 2015

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why.

Almost forgot to post this today! Was busy sorting out photos on my trusty Aftershock hahas

My short term goals for this month would be setting out a path in clearing my debts, I'm sure I should be able to clear my critical debts (credit card) within this year *fingers crossed

Ahh, commitments commitments #daebak vicente!

Jul 14, 2015


Was browsing through my old notes and I saw that I made a list of books that might interest me in 2012.. ***all product description is copied from www.bookdepository.com

Wrong About Japan: A Father's Journey with His Son

Product description
In a stunning memoir-cum-travelogue Peter Carey charts this journey, inspired by Charley's passion for Japanese Manga and anime, and explores his own resulting re-evaluation of Japan. Although graphically violent and disturbing, the two mediums are both inherently concerned with Japan's rich history and heritage, and hold a huge popular appeal that crosses the generations. Led by their adolescent guide Takashi, an uncanny mix of generosity and derision, father and son look for the hidden puzzles and meanings, searching, often with comic results, for a greater understanding of these art forms, and for what they come to refer to as their own 'real Japan'. From Manhattan to Tokyo, Commodore Perry to Godzilla, kabuki theatre to the post-war robot craze, Wrong about Japan is a fascinatingly personal, witty and moving exploration of two very different cultures.

The Beach

Product description
This is a classic story of paradise found - and lost. Richard lands in East Asia in search of an earthly utopia. In Thailand, he is given a map promising an unknown island, a secluded beach - and a new way of life. What Richard finds when he gets there is breathtaking: more extraordinary, more frightening than his wildest dreams. But how long can paradise survive here on Earth? And what lengths will Richard go to in order to save it?

How to Win Any Argument: Without Raising Your Voice, Losing Your Cool, or Coming to Blows

Product description
"This will be one of the most important books you've read in a long time." --Larry King "[Mayer's methodology] is martial. It's mental judo, where you use the other guy's energy to win. It's mind-set. It's charisma." --The New York Times "Two thumbs up! A whole new way of being smart about all the people in your life--coworkers, bosses, family, the people you do business with. Bob Mayer tells you how to finesse the results you want without pleading, prodding, pushing, or pulling." --Cuba Gooding, Jr., Academy Award-winning actor "A tender and effective approach to tough problems. Mayer has written more than a book, it's a way of life." --Robert Hudecek, retired CEO, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Co. "Anybody can learn these methods, which range from recommendations to stay calm to suggestions on shaping your message. All are useful and presented in clear principles and vivid illustrations." --Rolf Dobelli getabstract.com The art of the argument. It's mysterious and powerful. It's the art of having things go your way. But it's also the art of getting out of your own way. It's having the Moves. But it's also about having the Touch. Welcome to the "new normal." It's a time and place where conversations are tougher, disagreements more frequent, consensus more difficult to find than ever before. This new world demands three new "right for our times" chapters: "Heavy Metal Moves" and "Taboo Tactics": When you're being dissed, dismissed, and dumped on. Or when you need to break through. "Waging Peace: The Mediation, Arbitration, and Collaborative Practice Game": Because there's more conflict but less money to hire litigation lawyers. "The World Has Gotten Smaller": Learn to identify deep-rooted cultural differences, and how to act and react.


Express it, or else it will be nurtured in your body

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

hmmm....this is tough

seriously, I don't know as I'm hardly "impacted"

I guess I'm going to have to KIV this for now


after my afternoon nap, I was thinking about that one Labuan girl, she really did make quite an impact on my life

Jul 13, 2015

Day 06- A hobby you have.

So....yesterday was Sunday (a day of Sabbath) so no blogging or other sort of work for the day lol

So today we continue the 30 days blogging challenge.

A hobby I have...I have a lot but ultimately I would choose travelling as my hobby because I really love to travel to see new things, meet new people, experience new adventures etc.

I think travelling is good because it opens up your mind, letting you feel how big this world is, and you become a wiser and stronger person after each and every trips you've done.

There is a saying that goes Ïf travelling were free, you will never see me again"


DragonSaga - Ascending from Marksman to Specialist

Its been a while since my last Dragonica/DragonSaga post (yes, I'm still playing this)

Recently, I've been playing with the Ranger again and I find quite fun to use, as Gladiator was always my preferred character, but now I've grown fond of the Marksman/Ranger I guess I'm going to continue using it until I get 3rd job change (Destroyer/Specialist).

Pretty liked the "Sniping" skill >:D

Jul 11, 2015

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to and wish you could stay.

JI've been to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France and Netherlands

And I really like France, Netherlands and New Zealand a lot. Ultimately I would choose New Zealand because of the weather, friendly people, fresh air, isolated from rest of the world where the menial things don't matter, many places to see and many place I have not been yet, even better to have my survivor's team there too.

Sun Saathiya | Disney's ABCD 2 | Varun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor

Randomly came across this song and it instantly caught my ears

Jul 10, 2015

Day 04- List 5 songs that represent your life’s soundtrack.

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando

* this is our Team Survivor Dream Team's theme song. Many memories with this song during our NZ tenure and forever will be
Team Survivor - Oscar, Darius, Paopao, Marius, Joserico, Jesung, Patrick, David, Hamish, Felipe, Marinella, Angi, Daniela, Maria Fernanda, Ely, Yun, Kathleen, Julia, Jeung-woon, Florence etc etc

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

* this is my current favourite song! Very party-ish and live life to the fullest!

Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

* We are always searching for love, to know what it is, to feel what it is, love life, live love

Kim Bum Soo - Bo Go Ship Da

* This song is dedicated to those who love someone and they might love them back, but they cannot be together in life #saranghaebommie

El Tri - Las Piedras Rodantes (The Rolling Stones)

* This is all my international friends, though we are far apart, but we will meet again like a rolling stones, keep on rolling until one day the meet again

Jul 9, 2015

Day 03- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.

hmmm.... I don't know what but could be I get bored easily, meaning initially when I set my sight on doing something, but only continue halfway.. which is why I still cautious in doing the 30 days blogging challenge.

But luckily I did not implement this bad habit in the more important things in life i.e. finishing university, which is good

Jul 8, 2015

Day 02- Favourite super hero and why

So...day 2 of blogging challenge

(Image source : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/ironman/Iron_Man_Movie_by_anaheim_420.jpg)

My favourite super hero would be Ironman / Tony Stark. Because..

He's a genius (he literally created ironman in a cave! with all the cool gadgets one could offer, and a penchant to come up with something new everytime face with a crisis, this would be a feat I would want to have)
He's a playboy (surrounded by pretty girls everyday really helps in making a man happy, being happy is important in life, and sights for sore eyes too)
He's a billionaire (some people say money can't buy happiness but it surely can buy things that make you happy - a car to drive, food to eat, hotel room to stay in, cruising on a yacht, monies monies monies)
He's a philanthropist (I always tell myself that when I'm rich and have extra moolahs to spare, I would want to donate to charity and help those in need. By giving, you receive more in return)

And RDJ really plays him well in the movies. RDJ is TS, TS is RDJ. So it is really interesting to see him play Ironman. No other actor could do the same I guess.

Jul 7, 2015

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 10 interesting facts about yourself.

Guess I'll do this blogging challenge!

I think its not wise to post our recent picture, so I'll skip that though, but 10 interesting facts about myself is...

1. I have friends (and good friends, that is) from different parts of the world i.e. Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany. Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan & New Zealand
- I believe not many people (my peers) have such privilege as I do?

2. I speak 4, maybe 5 languages? - Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien (still trying to learn Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hakka, Cantonese, French & Portuguese)
- being able to speak Malay gives me certain advantage in a multi-national corporation, as I could speak secret language with some people. Also, it makes me special and admired during my tenure in NZ.

3. I have been driving cars since I'm 16 years old. I remember the first car that I drove is an automatic-transmission-ed Toyota Crown (thanks to Gracie). Which makes me has...14 years of driving experience (not much for the driving hours though, I don't drive in Singapore as often!)
- I could drive any cars be it manual, auto, small, big etc. my most recent experience would be driving a 12-seater Toyota Hiace in New Zealand!

4. I might have clear understanding or what is important in life now, which is to live the moment, learn from the past and anticipate the future. And no matter what comes in life, face it positively and always look for the optimism in it.

5. I have near-utter control of my emotions and feelings now. Could say that I have finally matured into a fine, young man? I don't get angry easily as before and I put rationalism before any actions. Which is good as it saves lots of infrastructure damages and perhaps, lost of lives.

6. I embrace other's culture whole-heartedly, no matter which nationalities, creed, race and religion their from. I think is this feature of me that makes some of my friends really like me? Hahas.

7. My physique (I'm a 183 cm tall guy) really helps a lot in life. Be it taking things from high places or taking in all the fresh air in crowded places (really important!), so I thank God (and parents as well) for that. Muchas Gracias!

8. Career-wise, I believe I'm advantageous compare to my peers? Having trained by a good mentor for four years (while suffering low income/salary in the meantime) in many aspects of surveying really help a lot in my understanding of the surveying industry in Singapore. Being AutoCAD proficient is good and having the knowledge of SVY21 Coordinate and Cassini boundary system also helps in my upcoming career journey. (Thank God operating surveying instruments is so darn easy - but achieving technical knowledge isn't)

9. After almost 30 years old and being a supplementary card holder for so long, I finally own my own credit-card. And a reputable one, I think.

10. I (still) read books. English one. As often as I can. Not many people nowadays do that, given the availability of so many technologies and being busy with job doesn't help either.

Jul 6, 2015


I tweet
I blog
I (still) write diaries
I scrapbook
I play text-rpg

And I'm not ashamed to mention all those above. Lol

(Means nothing much to do online since I'm not a hardcore gamer) ---> post here

Ok was browsing through my old posts and I came across this. Time to make some updates.

I seldom tweet
I seldom blog
I seldom write diaries (anymore!)
I (never) scrapbook (wtf have i ever?!)
I (still) play text-rpg
I (now play online-rpg (Dragonica cum DragonSaga!)

So, I seldom write diaries anymore ever since I'm in New Zealand because I found that life is more fulfilling by living in the moment (LIVING IN THE MOMENT!) than to recording what is happening in your life, you're missing like 70% of your life at the moment. I think it was a good choice, and of course now having gaining much life experience from my overseas cum sabbatical cum rediscovering self, I find myself to be more at peace and life is more meaningful. All in all, a stable 30 years old person

Now to get my finances in order...

On my third week...

So today starts the third week of my third company in my whole life. Everything has been great so far : I've been working like a boss and my pay is substantial for me to live for the moment, job ain't that stressful, not much sunlight, non-bitchy/sob colleagues, short and cheaper travelling to and fro work, and most importantly, a reputable and high-prestige company.. so its been good for me and mi gracias por Dios por estes.

I recently bought one of the things on my wishlist made three months earlier - the UE BOOM for a cheap price of S$199 (someone bought it for NZ$259 earlier) so it was good deal hahaha. Now my next target would be getting my finances on the right track, in order and eventually have my own savings (gotta fingers-crossed that I would continue to stay in this company and have a stable income) which I hope, would be ok within a few months time. Also, I would like to have my own GoPro soon (but not that important yet)

TC : 100k Manual!

Achieve 100000 manual!
Aiming 100000 endurance and 200000 intelligence!
(wonder how long would that take?)

Manual labour: 100,046
Intelligence: 104,238
Endurance: 57,387

in the meantime.... current stats

Strength: 3,464,895.6293 −51%  <---- training this now!
Defense: 111,485,104.8827 −24%
Speed: 1,000,639.1432 −52%
Dexterity: 1,015,419.8101 −46%
Total: 116,966,059.4653

Aiming 100,000,000 Strength!