Jul 7, 2015

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 10 interesting facts about yourself.

Guess I'll do this blogging challenge!

I think its not wise to post our recent picture, so I'll skip that though, but 10 interesting facts about myself is...

1. I have friends (and good friends, that is) from different parts of the world i.e. Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Poland, France, Germany. Thailand, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan & New Zealand
- I believe not many people (my peers) have such privilege as I do?

2. I speak 4, maybe 5 languages? - Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien (still trying to learn Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hakka, Cantonese, French & Portuguese)
- being able to speak Malay gives me certain advantage in a multi-national corporation, as I could speak secret language with some people. Also, it makes me special and admired during my tenure in NZ.

3. I have been driving cars since I'm 16 years old. I remember the first car that I drove is an automatic-transmission-ed Toyota Crown (thanks to Gracie). Which makes me has...14 years of driving experience (not much for the driving hours though, I don't drive in Singapore as often!)
- I could drive any cars be it manual, auto, small, big etc. my most recent experience would be driving a 12-seater Toyota Hiace in New Zealand!

4. I might have clear understanding or what is important in life now, which is to live the moment, learn from the past and anticipate the future. And no matter what comes in life, face it positively and always look for the optimism in it.

5. I have near-utter control of my emotions and feelings now. Could say that I have finally matured into a fine, young man? I don't get angry easily as before and I put rationalism before any actions. Which is good as it saves lots of infrastructure damages and perhaps, lost of lives.

6. I embrace other's culture whole-heartedly, no matter which nationalities, creed, race and religion their from. I think is this feature of me that makes some of my friends really like me? Hahas.

7. My physique (I'm a 183 cm tall guy) really helps a lot in life. Be it taking things from high places or taking in all the fresh air in crowded places (really important!), so I thank God (and parents as well) for that. Muchas Gracias!

8. Career-wise, I believe I'm advantageous compare to my peers? Having trained by a good mentor for four years (while suffering low income/salary in the meantime) in many aspects of surveying really help a lot in my understanding of the surveying industry in Singapore. Being AutoCAD proficient is good and having the knowledge of SVY21 Coordinate and Cassini boundary system also helps in my upcoming career journey. (Thank God operating surveying instruments is so darn easy - but achieving technical knowledge isn't)

9. After almost 30 years old and being a supplementary card holder for so long, I finally own my own credit-card. And a reputable one, I think.

10. I (still) read books. English one. As often as I can. Not many people nowadays do that, given the availability of so many technologies and being busy with job doesn't help either.

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