Jul 8, 2015

Day 02- Favourite super hero and why

So...day 2 of blogging challenge

(Image source : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/ironman/Iron_Man_Movie_by_anaheim_420.jpg)

My favourite super hero would be Ironman / Tony Stark. Because..

He's a genius (he literally created ironman in a cave! with all the cool gadgets one could offer, and a penchant to come up with something new everytime face with a crisis, this would be a feat I would want to have)
He's a playboy (surrounded by pretty girls everyday really helps in making a man happy, being happy is important in life, and sights for sore eyes too)
He's a billionaire (some people say money can't buy happiness but it surely can buy things that make you happy - a car to drive, food to eat, hotel room to stay in, cruising on a yacht, monies monies monies)
He's a philanthropist (I always tell myself that when I'm rich and have extra moolahs to spare, I would want to donate to charity and help those in need. By giving, you receive more in return)

And RDJ really plays him well in the movies. RDJ is TS, TS is RDJ. So it is really interesting to see him play Ironman. No other actor could do the same I guess.

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