Jul 28, 2015

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have.

Day 18...not bad, so far so good I've been following this blogging method, seems like I have the long-dormant determination and perseverance inside of me, or did my recent New Zealand endeavours bring out the sleeping side of me into a new me? or should I the sleeping dragon in me?

Every normal people with a life should have their plans/dreams/goals in life, which would the purpose of life more meaningful etc.

My current plan is to settle my financial debts, get it in order for stability, I would have to diligently work on my stable day job (in a good reputable MNC, which is good, I think) I believe after a few months and in the next year, things would be in order, and I don't ever regret a single cent I spent and used in New Zealand because it was worth it, I spent on my life, my experience where not everyone have the luxury of doing so. So to say, mentally, livelihoodly..I'm wealthy of it :)

My dreams would be to go travelling and meet up my friends in their countries (I hope they make the time to meet me up too). As long as I make enough to get by in life and have enough resources me and my family, also annual holidays, is enough for me. Other people please don't disturb. I also hope to own some dividend-paying stocks one day (telcos are quite stable so far).

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