Jul 6, 2015


I tweet
I blog
I (still) write diaries
I scrapbook
I play text-rpg

And I'm not ashamed to mention all those above. Lol

(Means nothing much to do online since I'm not a hardcore gamer) ---> post here

Ok was browsing through my old posts and I came across this. Time to make some updates.

I seldom tweet
I seldom blog
I seldom write diaries (anymore!)
I (never) scrapbook (wtf have i ever?!)
I (still) play text-rpg
I (now play online-rpg (Dragonica cum DragonSaga!)

So, I seldom write diaries anymore ever since I'm in New Zealand because I found that life is more fulfilling by living in the moment (LIVING IN THE MOMENT!) than to recording what is happening in your life, you're missing like 70% of your life at the moment. I think it was a good choice, and of course now having gaining much life experience from my overseas cum sabbatical cum rediscovering self, I find myself to be more at peace and life is more meaningful. All in all, a stable 30 years old person

Now to get my finances in order...

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