Aug 11, 2015

Day 25- What you would find in your bag.

Hello, the past 5 days were long holidays in Singapore. So I decided to go back to my hometown. I have not been back since November 2014! That's like nearly 9 months since I have not been back to Kuching! Lots of things did happen: my sis did a major renovation of the house, which is good although not complete yet, apparently the contractor (our old friend) walloped about $20k+ from us, which is quite saddening (for my mum especially) and talking about my mum, I'm so glad that she is still so youthful even though she's like 70+ now... I must go back as often as possible hmmm

So back to this long delayed blogging challenge....

I'm a bag person and there are many things that you would find in my bag, namely:-

portable battery charger
pen case
iphone wall charger
some books and notes
face mask
old pack of luckies
2 buns
a water bottle


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