Feb 24, 2016

Candaba Viaduct

The Candaba Viaduct (also known as Pulilan–Apalit Bridge) is a 5 km (3 mi). bridge passing over the Candaba Swamp and adjacent Pampanga River in the North Luzon Expressway. It is one of the longest bridges in the Philippines consists of 4 lanes (2 northbound and 2 southbound). Overlooking Mount Arayat, viaduct is raised over Candaba Swamp which keeps the highway open to traffic, even when the swamp gets flooded during the rainy season.

This bridge is the reference in a joke,

"Mula sa kabila,itlog.Pagtawid naging 'ibon' na sa haba ng tulay"

("From the other end,was still an egg.When they reached the other end,it became a 'bird' due to the bridge's length")

Learned this from early morning conversation with my filipino colleagues LOL

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