Jun 15, 2017

TC $ Review

You currently have an active investment account. When the time is up, you may withdraw the $2,312,400,000 and start a new account if you wish.
You have $6,821,764,014 stored in your Cayman Islands account
You have $86,000,000 stored in vault.
Networth $20,524,122,699

Have $7bil now... still $393bil to go! (98.25%)

TC Stats - 50m min stats each

Strength 104,201,263 +26%
Defense 137,150,036 +41%
Speed 50,128,165 +25%
Dexterity 50,079,994 +31%
Total 341,559,460

Been training Speed and Dexterity since my last post. Without drugs. Halfway there to 100m! And then to 1bil next!