May 11, 2014

TC : User Title Reference

Source :

1. Thief
A player who is active in mugging

2. Druggy
A player who has taken high amount of drugs

3. Antagonist
A player having lots of defends won

4. Loser
A player who has lost a lot attacks.

5. Tycoon
A player having a lot bazaar customers

6. Intimidator
A player having many enemies ran away from him

7. Jobsworth
A player who has got trained by the director a lot times

8. Trader
A player having good amount of trades done

9. Buster
A player having good amount of busts done

10. Bondsman
A player who has bailed alot people outta jail

11. Tank
A player who has stalemated alot.

12. Socialite
A player who has sent a lot mails.

13. Healer
A player having good amount of revives done

14. Merchant
A player who has bought a lot items from market

15. Hoarder
A player who has a lot items with him

16. Sage
A player who have high amount of total logins.

17. Damage dealer
A player who has high amount of total damage made

18. Coward
A player who has done a lot runaways

19. Punchbag
A player who has lost a lot while defending attacks

20. Outcast
A player who has received alot bounties

21. Importer
A player who has brought a lot items from abroad

22. Investor
A player who hinvested a lot in city.

23. Samaritan
A player who has sent a lot items

24. Egotist
A player who has placed a lot bounties

25. Silent killer
A player who has done a lot stealth attacks

26. Soldier
A player who has earned a lot respect

27. Scavenger
A player who has searched the dump a lot times

28. Citizen
A player who is active but not new, without any play.

29. Newcomer
A player who is under 7 days old (or 7-30 days old without any play).

30. Deserter
A player who has been inactive for 30+ days

31. Tourist
A player who has traveled a lot times

32. Booster
A player who has used a lot stat enhancers/boosters

33. Killer
A player who has done a lot attacks

34. Felon
A player who got jailed a lot times

35. One hit killer
A player who has done a lot one hit kills

36. Marksman
A player who done a lot critical hits

37. Hitman
A player who has collected a lot bounties


-almost sure the requirement is correct.
-has very low chance of being correct.

-the above may not be 100% correct. Trying to make a full list,
So please posts if you have any helpful finding.
-thanks to super_freak, who has helped alot in collecting infos.
-thanks to nerbas's hof, helped alot in finding requirements.

-and many thanks to all who rate+ and bump this thread,
Helping me to keep this thread active and helpful

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