Aug 12, 2015

Day 26- Places you want to visit before you die.

Oh I could talk about this all day! There are many places that I would want to visit in the world before I kick the bucket. Copacabana, Cancun, Ibiza, Bora-Bora etc. And yes, I have visited Paris and Amsterdam before, so it was good :-)

Visit Julia's farm in Brasilia
Sunbathing in Cancun's beach
Relaxing in front of the sea at Bora-Bora chalet
Go to the hidden club beside Moulin Rogue (Alban told me this)
Paddleboarding from Nina's house to her 'playground'
See Kathleen's horses in Bremen
See Patrick doing traffic control in Trier
Look for Milan at Slovakia and ask him be our guide to the party capital of eastern europe - Budapest
Go to Tomorrowland in Boom Belgium
Take my Mexico flag fron Joserico in Mexico City
Visit Marinella, Angi and Maria Fernanda in Medellin
Go to Angel-in-us shop in Suwon to surprise Bommie
Step on Stairway to Heaven's Hanagea beach, Muuido Island
Take a picture at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Drink Sake with Hiroki & Takashi at Tokyo
See the Northern Lights from Lauklines Kystferie, Norway

and many more going to the list! #wanderlust #fernweh

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