Dec 21, 2015

Heart-shaped natural lake at New Caledonia

I actually came across this lake many times already, at the advertisement at airport..always wanted to go and find out the exact location of it (yeah, my habit of always wanting to know where things are kicks in) but never got to do it...until now (and yet my another habit of self-destructing procrastinating) and this beauty wonder is actually located in New Caledonia! (I made some friends with a few New Caledonians during my tenure in New Zealand *inserts smirking smiley here)

Below is the image I googled (from which is also the same photo which I saw in advertisements. Hmmm I wonder how they took  this photo, drone? helicopter?

And the spatially-induced mentality in me makes me have to post this another element of it too. Location, location, location.
Geographical coordinates : 20° 56' 14.32" S  164° 39' 30.42" E

By the way, New Caledonia also has another beautiful attraction too.

Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center (read about this in a library at Auckland...ahh those were the days)

Wanderlust, wanderlust

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