Jul 21, 2015

GoPrOscar 1 has return!

OMG! My dear friend Oscar lost it during our trip to Whatipu Beach (Waitakere Ranges) and now it has been found! Let's give it to the Aucklanders and New Zealanders who are such honest people! Salute! #faithinhumanityrestored I'm so happy for this news/founding because Oscar was really really sad when we found out that we lost the GoPro. But being an awesome, positive person that he is, he quickly get over it and continue our awesome trip in New Zealand. Congratulations, Oscar! I think I'm much more happier than him, as we both travel to and fro Whatipu Beach and Auckland 2 times just to try to look for it, but to no avail, and now it has resurface again! It's a miracle! It's the power of our Survivor Team's good vibe, sublime #goodthingshappentogoodpeople

And yet we have another survivor in our family, the GoPrOscar 1! Let this be a beacon of hope for us, let this be our awesome teams landmark, let this be our trademark for all our awesome endeavours, #TeamSurvivorsForever.
We'd really like to return the Hero 3+ Go Pro Camera (with a selfie stick) to the people who own it...most probably the...
Posted by Auckland Police on Monday, July 20, 2015

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