Jul 6, 2015

On my third week...

So today starts the third week of my third company in my whole life. Everything has been great so far : I've been working like a boss and my pay is substantial for me to live for the moment, job ain't that stressful, not much sunlight, non-bitchy/sob colleagues, short and cheaper travelling to and fro work, and most importantly, a reputable and high-prestige company.. so its been good for me and mi gracias por Dios por estes.

I recently bought one of the things on my wishlist made three months earlier - the UE BOOM for a cheap price of S$199 (someone bought it for NZ$259 earlier) so it was good deal hahaha. Now my next target would be getting my finances on the right track, in order and eventually have my own savings (gotta fingers-crossed that I would continue to stay in this company and have a stable income) which I hope, would be ok within a few months time. Also, I would like to have my own GoPro soon (but not that important yet)

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